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MASc Examinations
Returning Student Registration Fall 2015
Orientation slides and your CN account
CN Account and Lab Related Questions
Important and Urgent - Registration Fall 2015
Women in Engineering
Town Hall Meetings
Future Smart Program
Norman Esch Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awa...
TCS Canada's Coding Competition
GRADtalks Fall 2015 Lecture Series
Vacation Alert
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8810 lab exam at 11AM Wed Oct 21
Basket for Prayer Rugs
Women in Engineering Interactive Workshop
Importnat Pre-registration for W2016
Seminar on SDN and NFV
Deletion of user profile files on agena
Lock EPH402 Lounge overnight
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8813 lab exam at 12 noon Wed D...
Hold off with Windows 10
Please help to keep EPH402 CN Lab clean
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8812 lab exam at 1PM Thu Dec 17
Calendar Change - Winter 2016
CN International Students
Women in Engineering
Care more about our environment
Reception & dropped connections with Cellular phone servi...
March - April Courses Registration
D2L course access LMS Support
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8815 lab exam at 1:30PM Thur F...
CN lab EPH402 closed for exam grading from 10:00AM to 7:0...
Spitting out gum in the lab.
CN8817 Starts Next Monday
Missing lab laptop power adapter
Ryerson Is Closed This Friday, Reopen Next Monday
Course Swap Fee Charges Wipe
Saturday Class CN8819 Running As Usual
Computer Networks - Seminar on Juniper
Wifi firmware development
Nomination of student members for the CN program council
Spring/Summer 2016 Registration
S/S Registration
A list of available courses in various departments in F.E...
Courses for S/S
Women In Engineering Workshop Series at FEAS
Summer 2016 Class starting date
One Card access to EPH building for S/S term
Vacation Alert
CUCM Webinar By Kewin Wallace
Free new power cables of foreign standard
Graduation Application
Seminar on VMware NSX
Security Update for Adobe Flash Player (3167685)
**** Career Week Next Week ****...
October Graduation and Convocation
July August Course Drop Deadline is Today
Apple QuickTime for Windows, no more updates
Apple QuickTime for Windows, no more updates
Ryerson Closure on holiday weekend, CN Labs Open
Check the Case Study Exam and Presentation Schedule
Fall2016 Registration for Returning Students
Migration is completed
Garbage in lab, please be tidy
Power off PC projector in EPH402 after use
Course Registration for Fall 2014 - returning students
Abandoned laptop computer
Battery Recycling
Lost portable computer mice
Not Seeing Blackboard ( Courses?
Help with Ryerson online account services
Fall 2014
Tata Consultancy Services & Rogers Info Sessions at Ryers...
Lab Equipment Bulletins
Rogers N.E.A.R. program information session
Internal Scholarship for Full-time Ontario Resident Students
Lost laptop power adapter
My.ryerson and RMS web applications outage
Missing CN Discussion Board Emails
New Discussion Board topics
Plug in power for your own laptop in EPH402 Lab
Cisco Career Event
LOST a Blue color Folder in EPH 142
Lost and Found & new Discussion Board topics
Winter Course Registration
Agena troubleshooting, to be rebooted
This Friday
Next Monday
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8812 demos
Link to the Cisco presentation and demonstration site
Printing and Computing from CCS
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8813 lab exam at noon
Please close EPH402 lab doors
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8812 lab exam at noon Thursday...
Xmas Holiday Access to EPH CN Labs
What is your idea about having a potluck party?
Potluck on Friday January 30th
Availability of EPH402 LAB PCs will vary today
Log Off properly from Lab Workstations
Town Hall Meeting Today
Reorganizing and temporary use of the Lounge space
Basket for Prayer Rugs
Research Presentations
Party Pics
MASc Presentations in EPH402 Lab
Message from the Dean's Office
Saturday Event
Powerpoint on agena
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8815 lab exam at noon Thursday...
Seminar: Networks of the Future: Software Defined Network...
Award and Scholarship Info
China Internship Program
Course Swop Process
Upcoming guest lecture on Entrepreneurship and Intellectu...
GRADTalk Event
Women in Engineering Event
Scholarship Award info
Student Town Hall
March 31st Pub Meet
New Diss Bd topic Lab Software Issues
June Graduation
Spring/Summer Registration
MASc Thesis Oral Exam: Load Balancing Scheme for Software...
Abusive Phone Calls
Program Council student members
Election of GPC MEng student members
Need a little extra $$ ?
MEng Awards
Norman Esch Awards
Seminar: Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property
Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Donation Request
CN - Some lockers were broken into
Seminar on Cable Internet Access technology - DOCSIS
SDN workshop and competition sponsored by Juniper and Telus
Apply to Graduate for October Convocation 2015
Career Week July 6 - 15, 2015
PE1955 blade servers are powered on and ready for CN8001 ...
***Apply to October Graduation***
Volunteer Opportunity
A talk on PANAM IP Video Network with Live Demo
New Kivuto Webstore portal to get software from VMware an...
Damaged projection screen in EPH402
Purging network drive
Refreshments after the presentations
Case Study Presentation
Shutdown project servers used for CN8001
Wiping drives of 2015 CN8001 project servers
Fall 2013 Registration
Orientation Slides
Testing - CN New Student Fall 2013
October Convocation Date and Time
Medical Certificate
Winter Course Schedule Change
Regarding the Late fees
Lost Item On Thursday's CN8812
Lost wallet
Registration e-mail request Winter 2014 - deadline Nov.22
A Message from the Interim Associate Dean
Update to Domain Server
Winter Courses Registered
The lab exam is open book
No interface on S6 of Pod19
New Year's Message
Women in Technology Networking Mixer Event
Seminar on Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
A Message from the FEAS Dean's Office
Course Change Alert - CN8826
Possible Solution to CN8826 Situation
June Graduation Application Deadline - Feb 24th
Course Drop/Add
Weekend access to the building
Winter 2014 Registration Adjustment
Ten Thousand Coffees
Summer Courses
Reg: PNP Application
Spring/Summer Registration Starts Now
October Gradaution
Career Week Schedule
USB flash drive found in lab
Part-time opportunity for movie production
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award Oppertunity
Computer Networks Program Survey 2014
Apply to Graduate
Lost portable computer mice
CN POD, website, server outage morning 20140826
Senior IP Network Designer at Rogers
Network Designer at Rogers
Fall Term Registration
All the very best mates
Changing System Password
Extra convocation tickets
8GB PNY Flash
Forgot windcheater
Data Backup Consultant
Putty-CM Not Working
Missing Laptop Power Adapter
Winter Term Registration Starts!!!
International Students Survey
Lost Car Keys
Use of the Lounge Room
Power outages and building access during the winter holidays
Cisco Press Books for Sale
Lost Pencil Pouch
Cisco Catalyst 2900 series router can't write
Grades for the fall term
Winter Term commences on the 7th of Januray
Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities G...
Lost Flashdrive
Lab - Family Day
Lab Building - Family Day
Photo Session in March
RU photo session vs. CN photo session
Registration E-mail Request - by next Friday March 22nd
Photo session for June Graduation - Reminder
Urgent - The photograph session tomorrow is cancelled
Agena server (IP address ?)
This is a forwarded message -
Reminder: Spring/Summer Course Registration - deadline F...
Grad Photo Session Info
International student Survey
Important Announcement - S/S Registration
Important Announcement 2 - S/S Registration
Network Traffic Shaper
Transfer Application from MEng to MSc / MASc
Spring/Summer Registration
June Graduation
No remote Desktop client access licenses available - Can'...
June Graduation - Final Reminder
Please check your RAMSS Financial Account
A Seminar in Security
CN8871 Advanced Wireless Networks
Extra convocation tickets
Can not access Pod 3 - Router 1 due to password set earlier
Error messages in POD 13 on R7
Spring Convocation Tickets
Convocation Ticket
Frozen Remote Desktop window - pls. kill my session
Vmware application opened on Remote Desktop at port 55769...
Vmware application opened on Remote Desktop at port 55769...
Convocation photos
Mess in the Lounge Room
Unable to connect pod 2 server
Non-Credit Communication Course in Fall 2013
Graduate Photo - Class Composite
Graduation in October
Third Party Letter, Graduation Application...etc.
Extra Ticket for Oct 2013 Convocation
Helpful Links from Orientation
Pod reservation
Significant Dates Posted
CUE Student Research Awards Applications
Changing Lab Password
Spare tickets for convocation?
Matlab Seminar
Job Position Available - interested student can send CV t...
Humor B4 exam!
Job Position
Urgent - Please Respond
CN8812/CN8813 Schedule Switch Cancelled
How to set proxy setting in the Poderosa ??
Happy Diwali
Elective Information Session
Issues about simulator @(A Taranenko)
Equipment Offline due to the End of DST
My keys
Elective Information Session
How to get notification of new post ?
Respect to freedom
Kept my file in the lab...
Elective Course Selection Survey Form
Two Important Issues
Course Selection Form and Registration
My Digital Recorder
Winter 2012 Course Registration Starts Monday
Winter Holidays
Merry Christmas and Happy new year from Mauricio
Fall 2011 grades
CCIE Mobile Lab in Toronto
IPv6 Seminar
Plz remove PW from P3R1
Final Day To Add A Course This Term
Issues about the new simulator
Attention International Students
Graduation Photo Session - March 14th , Wednesday
June Graduation Application Deadline - Today
CN8822 Starts This Sunday, March 4th.
Correction - graduation in June apply by deadline of Apri...
Cisco Seminar Mar 9 5pm in EPH402
Important - Spring/Summer Registration
*****Lockers Available*****...
Pen/usb drive found
Materials Download
8826 Lecture Room
CN8871 has been rescheduled to Saturday
Daylight Savings Time and Lab Reservations
LinkedIn Class 2012 Group
How to Setup Virtual Machine in GNS3
Football Match (Soccer)
2nd Session Photo Shoot - June
Course Drop/Swap Refund
Graduation in June - Online Application
***** Urgent - CN661 ******...
EPH406 Not Available On Thursday 10 am-12pm
Spring 2012 Registration - ***reminder***...
Your S/S term courses have been registered for you - plea...
Ting's Vacation
MEng to MASc transfer
Unable to access my Z drive..
A few reminders
CN Department Office will be closed this Friday April 20th
BCNE & BCNP 2012 Beta Exam Registration Information and S...
Security Seminar
Service Interuption
Web document accessible?
Backup Program
Laptop Adapter is Missing
Nexus Seminar: Configuring FCoE
Basic Cisco CallManager Seminar
Login failure
POD reservation
Room temparature of eph402
Applying to Graduate this October
I cannot sign up for any other pod
Pod Servers and Web Access Restored
Fall 2012 Registration Starts
Saving Files
Out of Office Notice
Activating account
Network Printer Names
Course Calendar
Eid Charity Event__ Fund Raising for Pakistan's Flood Vic...
To CN International Students
To: CN Part-time Students
Computer Networks Program: Elective Information Session
Course Selection Form - Important
Calculator found in 242
Server Maintenance Sun. 6pm
FREE LAB's Tutoring Hands-On Classes for 8812 and 8813.
Printer Problem
Elective Information Session
Found Reading Glasses in lab
Pod 20 Switch 6
Submission of Elective Selection forms
CN8812 pod reservations
Announcing Start of Winter Registration
Just A Gentle Reminder
Lab Access During the Holiday
Winter semester commencing date
Please confirm
Happy New Year
Final days for Winter 2011 Course Registration
Lost one card
Lost a pencil bag.
June Graduation - Urgent
Lab access on sunday
International Students - US Visa
Graduation Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot - More Info
Please Vote for Shimul Yousuf
Course Calender
Course add/drop/swap Info - Important Please Read Carefully
Daylight Savings Time and Reservations
Course Add/Drop/Swap
CN8861 and other registration issues for Spring/Summer
VMW workstation license
About Elective courses
June Graduates
Teacher needed
Spring/Summer Registration has NOT started yet
Network security seminars
Math Department TAGA Posting
Urgent - CN8824
S/S Term Registration Starts - Important Notes
Important - Fees Over Charge
Urgent - Classroom Change Announcement
Tonight's Class - CN8824 - EPH142
Last Reminder Regarding Registration S/S
Case Study Topics
Computer Networks Program 10th Anniversary Picnic
Graduation Photo
Photo Session 29th and 30th - Important Notes
Lost Hard Disk
Reminder: Computer Networks 10th anniversary picnic
Lab Equipments
Printers not working
CN website pictures
Lab Equipment
Cn ryerson home page wrong hyper link
Important: Applying to Oct. Graduatiion Deadline
Fall 2011 Course Registration
To Graduating Students This October
Cisco hiring
CN Returning Student Course Registration
$280 Medical Charges for Graduating Students
Please, no more forum test messages
Proper use of Forum
Last date to drop courses and get full refund
Job at Primus
GSA elections
Web Server Maintenance
Final Reminder for Dropping Courses
Access to EPH on weekend
Lost flash
Elective Information Session
Network Administrator position
Vacation Alert - Ting
International Student - Health Care Charges
Lost glasses
Printer: Low Ink
Graduation Guest Pass
Lost Flash
Annual International Graduate Student Reception
Africa Benefit Concert on October
After hours Building Access / Onecard
Give a name to your GSA.....
Forwarded Letter of Invitation to Competition
UCCE VM machine
Linux Backup and disaster Recovery Solution
Have Extra Convocation Pass Available..
CN8813 Start Date
Tuition Payment Delay Because of OSAP
***Locker Reminder***
Convocation photos on facebook
Upcoming Reception for International Graduate Students
Cn8825 - Network Design Course Information
GSA Volunteers
Low toner of printer EPH402
Daylight Saving Time and Reservations
VMWare WorkStation Download
Graduate Assistant Jobs for Maths Dept.
Protocol-Level flaw in SSL
Winter and Spring/Summer Course Selection Form
There is no papers in the printer
Course Selection Form and Course Registration
Content Aware network course
Starting date changes for CN8814 and CN8815
Calendar update
Winter 2010 Course Registration Starts Now
Lost USB flash
Lab Maintenance
2009 Fall Term Grades
Winter 2010 Course Registration
Link with a plethora of free Cisco tools
Graduation and Composite photo Information
Missing Chairs
Weekend Access to EPH building
Lost USB
Happy Chinese New Year
Theft in the Lab
Winter 2010 Session 2 Courses Enrollment
Lab Security
Can somebody please confirm the start date of CN8816: Net...
Lost calculator
Lost USB
Router missing in CCIE pod1
Found USB
Looking for usb.
Daylight Saving Time and Reservations
Important - Course Adjustment and Fees
Graduate Application
Employer Information Session
Course Registration for Spring/Summer has NOT started yet
CN8871 - Advanced Wireless
June Graduation Application Deadline and Spring/Summer Co...
Graduation Photos
Hardware Practice
Course Registration for S/S Term
For Akram
Important Message Regarding Double Charge Issue of CN8001
Marks for 8822 & 8825
S/S courses registration
Deadline to add or Drop courses
S/S Registration
Graduation Photo Shoot
Sound System
May 26 access down (via Rogers ISP ? )
I passed the CCIE lab
Printer issues
Printers as ALWAYS
Cold Cold Cold
Lost Cell Phone & Calc
No Papers
Away On Vacation
Work permit for international students
Z drive and Printer is not working
POD booking and use weekend July 3&4
Projector Connection
How to restart a router from User mode i.e >
Graduation Photo
Lost Sunglass
Last Reminder - graduation photos
Lost wireless mouse
Deadline to Apply to Graduate
Need Help - Humantarian Cause
Lost UBS
Registration For Fall 2010 Starts
Fee Charge for the CN 8001 Master's Project Case Study Co...
Change of Status Form - Switching from FT -> PT or vice v...
Technical Problems
Meat industry is the top contributor to the global warming
MASC Student, Come on in!
How to Opt-Out/Waiver your Health or Dental Insurance Cha...
Free 2008-09 RSU Member's Handbook and Daytimer
Authentication problem
Ryerson Email Reminder
CN Library
Please return books to lounge room library
Interest in CN8823 Embedded and RTOS course?
Elective Information Session
FYI - Jo-Anne away from the Office (Oct. 2 - Oct. 6.2008)...
I found a usb memory stick
Electives - decisions and assess interest in CN8823
One Card is not working at door during off days
Samsung Bluetooth
One Card not access
Deadline for submitting elective selection forms: Oct 24,...
Elective course
Exam Results?
Who will teach us the following subjects?
Elective Course Form Submission + Winter Term '09 Core Co...
International Graduate Student Reception - Wed, November ...
GA Positions with Department of Mathematics
Secondary IP
Mapping network drive question
FYI - from the Graduate Council
Lost Flash Memory
Happy Eid
Winter 2009 Term Registration for the Core Courses + the ...
Computer Networks Site Re-vamped
Happy Holidays!
Apply for graduation + grad photo
VOICE DATA CCIE POD2 configuration problem
Enter the courses in
Flash Memory
Winter 2009 Term Registration
I found a voice recorder.
Flash memory
Missing Mouse
Please DO NOT Clear Printer Paper Jams
Web Server Maintenance
Call for graduate student for research studies
Spring 2009 Graduating Students
"Emerging Wireless LAN Standards and Trends"
Cannot access server
Program to prepare Taxes for free ?
New Program administrator
Lost & Found
Lost - Calculator
Use of Passwords
Spring/Summer Courses Registration
Important Message - Spring/Summer Registration
Spring/Summer Registration Clarification
Spring/Summer Registration Reminder
Wrong Fees Charged
Registration and Fees
Cisco vpn client for 64-bit / vista.
Wrong Fees Charged
Spring Term Fee Paying Deadline is End of May
CN8001 Fees Fixed
Matlab Seminars at Ryerson
Network Connection Problem
Wireshark on the terminal server
CN8819/8824 PODs 4+5 trade with 13/14/15/16
POD21 MDS fabric switches password
Borrow port # either POD 13, 14 or 15 Thu/Fri
CN Alumni re-union party Tomorrow, Friday June 26: 5:00-7...
CN8831/CN8861 Swap Fees
CN8831 Fee Refund
Graduation and Convocation Fall 2009
Your Graduation Picture
Urgent Warning: Deadline to Apply to Graduation
Lab Computers
Ryerson Accounts for Graduates
Summer Program in Japan
Fall 2009 Registration
VPN Client
Grade for Spring / Summer Term..
Anybody works for Rogers
Orientation Document
Academic transcript.
Using Discussion Forum
Doubt regarding the Fall Term Fee
2nd Year Part-time Students Course Selection Forms
Crime Prevention Notice for Ryerson University
Print quota is not renewed.
Web server not stable
2nd Year PT Students/ Returning Students
Fall 2007 Tuition Fees - Payments questions
Student Handbooks - Free
Form to WITHDRAW from the CN Program
Accessing remote desktop
Cisco VPN client not working
Free rack access
Out of the Office Alert (Thursday, Sept. 20 - returning T...
Student FEES REFUND when a student drops a Course
Unable to connect VPN
Something Wrong with p14r4 and p14r6 ???
Elective Information Session
Building Access
Fee Balance on your Accounts
My 2 GB USB key
SIP Architecture and Design
Yahoo group for current CN students.
Safari books online @ your home !
Setup New Lab for GUI Based user access...
Timing .
Dental plan
2007 Convocation Tickets
2007 convocation time
Convocation 2007 Images
Opinion for general class timings
Some basic rules of using the forum
Daylight Saving Time Effect on the Lab Reservation
Elective Selection Form (Winter - Spring/Summer Terms '08...
Student FEES after dropping a course this Fall Term
Workshop to Apply for Permanent Residence
Happy Dawali and Seasonal Greeting.
Not Able to connect
Five Cisco IOS tips to make you more efficient
Looking for Books...
Teaching Assistant positions are open for application
Chinese thinker: Master Kung
Important! Your Winter 2007 Term Course Registration
Important! Your Winter 2008 Term Registration Information
Transfer from MEng to MASc
Problem with printer in 402
CN International Students ... an FYI
Looking Study and Lab Partner
Last Date for Winter 208 Fee?
Case study
Blue Mountain Trip
Missing Equipment and Books
How to SWAP courses/classes?
Changing/Dropping or Adding Courses for this Winter '08 T...
Job Fair @ Ryerson Campus if you're interested ...
Someone Left a Phone in the Lab
International Students Celebration on Campus - Fri. Feb. ...
Changes of lecture days in CN8817
Tri-Mentoring Program's First Impressions Gala - FYI if y...
Happy new Chinese New Year
Home Lab Access
CCIE Pod 1
CCIE voice pod connections
IBM Rational ClearCase
Password recovery on 1r6
Pod ccie0
When does CN8816 start?
Message from International Services for Students: Great n...
Starting dates and lecture rooms for CN8816, CN8817, and ...
USB key lost
Spring and Fall 2008 Convocation/Graduation Information w...
Please ask for assistance to clear printer jams
Course changes
Winter '08 Term Course Changes/ and Fee Refunds
Re: Fees Reversals/ Adjustments for the Winter '08 Course...
International Newsletter Issue for March 2008
About cn8825 network design
Re: Your T2202A Forms
Tomorrow's (April 4) event for international students...
Spring/Summer 2008 Term Courses & Electives
June 10, 2008 Graduation!
April Issue of the International Newsletter
International Newsletter (April 2008)
Attention: ALL Active CN Students! (Re: Spring/Summer 20...
Dates switch between CN8819 and CN8822
Cisco Networkers Solutions Forum
Server Temporarily Unavailable
Cisco Networkers Solutions Forum 2008
Dropping/ Adding or Switching Courses in each Term
VOIP Software Developer required.
Arsney about CN 8824
Out of the Office alert -from Jo-Anne V.
Convocation Information
International student seeks share of residency
Urgent: Notebook Computers Local Files
Web Designer
Job Opening @ TELUS
IDS-A in POD 11
Microsoft & VoIP
Deadline for applying to graduate this Fall 2008
Fall Term Registration for Returning Students (2nd Yr. Pa...
Power Interruption
CCIE Study
Tomorrow 6:00PM get together and eat
Program Questionnaire
New Alumni Forum
Reminders for the Current CN Students
Extra Fee showing in RAMSS
Second hand books
Sat & Sun access
Cards are Programmed for Access
Elective Courses Information Session
COMPUNET Student Union
Fall 2006 Convocation
Medical Insurance for International Students
Compunet student union
Elective Questions
CN8841 Question
Arseny...Plz restart P1R1 ....
Reminder - Elective Forms due this Friday, Oct. 20th.
Fall 2006 Convocation Tickets
Graduate Fair
Pub Night after the Thursday Exam
Some Elective Forms are still Missing
Lab Upkeep
Sun Microsystems of Canada Scholarship in Computational S...
Convocation 2006 Photos
Very Nice SSH Client
Cleaning script
Compu Net Web Site
Room for rent
New Student union website launched!
Cast your vote now!
Important Message on the starting date of the new term
Happy Holidays
Computer Networks Society
International Winter Celebration
June 2007 Convocation
VPN Client
Pizza Part on Monday 5th Feb 07
Application to Graduate in June
2006 Yahoo Group
Another Reminder for People Graduating in June
Skiing Trip on Feb 24, 07
Message from the School of Graduate Studies
Ski Trip Pics here
Job Opportunity - Network Administrator
Cisco Networkers Forum 2007
Free Tax Filing
Wanna Learn How to Sail
Spring/Summer Course Selection Forms 2007 + Progress Repo...
Job Opportunities
Bandwidth estimate tool
Course Selection Form
Check it out Guys!! Picnic on July 7th,2007 at HighPark
Ethereal for wireless
Picnic on July 14 (Saturday)
Short Term Computer Work to help the Continuing Education...
Graduation Announcement
Lab Condition
Interactive Tutorials on the Web
Notebooks Reinstall
CCIE lab reservation
What happened to the grades???
Cisco Job
Access denial
Viruses in the lab
Outing after CN8819 exam?
Printer Installation on Windows
Access Cards
Elective Courses Selection Form
VoIP Tutorial
Trip to China
Passwords on Switches
Position Opening
Lab access during holidays
Power Failure
RIM Carrer Fair
ATM Tutorial
Unix Tutorial
Unix Tutorial Cancellation
Presentation on OSPF convergence
Bell Scholarship
Job Searching Seminar
Job Seminar
Job Search
Linux Security Seminar
Linux Seminar Continuation
Project / Case-Study Invitation
ATTENTION NEW 2005 International Students -BBQ gathering!
Ryerson Sudent Administration Changes
Windows Servers
Linux Seminar Cancelled
2005 Convocation
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program
Building Access Cards
Missing teapot
Elective Information Session
Elective Courses
Attention all Fall 2005 Graduates
Job Posting
Power Shutdown
International Education Week
2005 Convocation Photos
New Door Code in EPH406
Start of Classes in January
Checking Printing Limit
Lab Renovation
Building Access
More on Building Access and Intercon Cards
Happy New Year
Thesis Defense
VoIP Security Seminar
We need a bigger stapler in our classroom
Spring 2006 Graduation Reminder
Message from International Services for Students
Convocation Reminder
VoIP Security Seminar Reminder
Invitation to Attend a Town Hall Discussion
Questions and problems about the Labs
Sprint/Summer Convocation Reminder
New Computers
Pizza Party Photos
Intrusion Detection Seminar
Convocation Reminder
End of the term PARTY
International Students
Soccer Match
Graduation Photos
CompuNet Soccer Match (World Cup)
Another Soccer match
Networking Gear
Another match this friday (june 30, 06)
Soccer Match on friday
Application to Graduate
Project Examination and Presentation
Sun Microsystems of Canada Scholarship in Computational S...
New Kivuto webstore portal to get software from Vmware an...
CN Locker Space
Basket for Prayer Rugs
Garbage in lab, please be tidy
Power off PC projector in EPH402 after use
One Card Building Access
Students representative for GRADCafe
Gerrard Street Sidewalk Construction Monetary Times - Sta...
UHIP Charges
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8810 lab exam at noon Fri Oct 21
Check Lost and Found, glasses and notes
Repair of personal computers
FEAS grad student focus group
Graduate Student Video Contest - message forward
Career Workshops at Ryerson for Graduate Students
Important ****** Electives for Winter 2017 ******...
Perfume / Deodorant Wearing - Please tone it down
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8813 lab exam at noon Wed Dec 7
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8813 lab exam 2PM Thu Dec 15
Christmas Holiday Access to EPH CN Labs
Starting Dates of the Winter courses
Construction Supplies temporarily in lounge
Free new power cables of foreign standard
Reminder of Registration and Tuition Payment
FAQ note for Connecting to the RU-Secure WLAN
Hot water tanks in EPH broken down - to be replaced Feb 2017
Software Architecture and Development!
Apply to Graduate in June 2017 Convocation
End of May Classes Rescheduling
Grad Talk on Feb 28th
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8815 lab exam 1PM Thu Feb 23
Course books available for sale (excellent condition)...
Docker event near Ryerson - March 24th @ 6pm (for future ...
US Visa Workshop Hosted by International Student Office
Electives for Spring/Summer 2017
Future Smart Workshops
Career Opportunity at Socia Bank - interested candidate ...
Spring/Summer Registration
Re-enforcement - No Food Policy
Student representatives of the CN program council
Students who use Bell Canada services
Working in CN datacenter, proper footwear
Career Week 2017 Schedule
Security from theft in the school's area
Third Party Letter
Enrollment for Fall 2017
Class schedule change for 2 Fridays in Sept and Oct
FEAS orientation this afternoon
Self Enroll Double Check
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