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Courses in VMware Data Center and Network Virtualization ...
P10s2 problem with Nexus OS
FI user and passwords
Required features on Nexus & MDS switches in POD 10, 12
Classes commence from May 3 (This Sunday)
CN8824 Lecture 1 start at 10:00 AM in EPH402
CN8826 PODs 10 & 12 powered down until later in CN8824
CN8824 Final Exam date
Yes there is a class Sunday May 17th
Week 3 - May 17 Videos
Interactive Model of UCS B-Series and UCS 5100 Series
UCS Platform Emulator Downloads
CN8824 final exam start time June 21?
Final Exam
Bring your Ryerson Student Photo ID Card to the Exam
Data Center Seminars
Grades for CN8824 S-2015 have been posted
Classroom Info
Blackboard and class notes
Online class link
VPC Assignment
Clearing Previous configuration
Lab group
Login problem
We have class this Friday May 23
Anyone still doesn't have a lab group
Road map for the course 8824
How to access the Esxi server in POD10?
POD 10 Password
8826 Schedule
Final Exam
Cisco UCS simulator
Gold Lab on PEC site and report on Lab 2, 3
Lab:4: Problem connecting to vcenter.vpod.local and vsm.v...
Assignment Submission
Unable to convert ESXi format
VMware Workstation 8.0 Key
GoldLab POD availability to do Lab 5 in due time
Please upload 9th lecture
Access Control List setup for the Exercise Failed.
8824 Final Exam
Classroom Change
Assignment # 1
Where to find assignment 1?
Mid-term date?
VMware converter
How to connect to workstation in lab remotely
VM ware Give free 60 days Evaluation
Is Virtualization Possible on Audio card
Will Lectures be Uploaded
DNS not Updating with A Record
Virtual DC Storage Additional Notes
Is lecture 3 video available
CN8824 May 21, 2012 class moved to May 25
Is video 4 available?
How to manage vcenter?
Demo and Mid Term
Vcenter Server
Lecture 5,6 Video and Review Questions
Vcenter license
Mid Term Exam Time
Mid-Term Lab Demo Requirements
Mid-Term Results
Remotely acessing PCx.x.x.119
Mid Term Demo
Lecture 7 and 8 Video is Posted
VShield connection fail
Final Lab Demo
Class June 4 moved to Friday June 8
Windows users credentials
Lecture 9, 10 Video Posted
Organization vdc resource pool model
Lecture 11 and 12
Cloud computing notes
VApp DHCP vs Vmware tool
Vlan for portgroup
Org vDC vs Provider vDC
Allocation Pool vs Reservation Pool
Examples of Cloud Deployment
Final Demo Requirements
Win2003 converter
Recovering vCloud Director using Command Line Interface
Workstation Reservation
VCloud license
How to download lecture videos ?
Honour and a privilege for me to have the opportunity of ...
Class Location and Notes
The classes will be help in room EPH 142
Regarding lab 1
LAB1 can not connect to WINserver
Cannot connect to WINserver
Not able to connect through Remote Desktop
VMware Workstation Download
Mess: This interface is not implemented yet.
VMware vSphere lab
VSphere addresses and pod numbers
POD 19 can't connect ESX hist
Not able to delete folder from my Z: drive
Pod17 ESX server
POD19: is not available.
Remote Desktop Connection
Vpsphere client login
Network Virtualization References
Nexus Lab
Nexus password for pod 5
New Resource Pool
ESX Severe on POD 17 not responding.
POD 18 ESX server not responding
POD-17 ESX server is not responding
POD-5 ESX server is not responding
ESX sever is not accessible
Getting error loggin in
Final Exam
Class time
Password for the VMs
Lab 1 and 2
Linux VM
Raid and Iscsi lab
Alias name
FC Lab Command Reference
WIN Server for POD 23 not responding
Password is not working on pod number 22
Trunk Error
Password Problem on POD21
Schedular -- can't accept the schedular name
Invalid FCID
Sign up problem for pod
Lab1 - result after create the zone
FC lab question
LAB presentation
Problem login to POD21
EMC Navisphere Manager lab problem
Pod23 slow down
Am I the only one?
Labs demo
Pod23 host
VMware infrastructure pods
Midterm Results
Additional Resources for Virtual Networking
Questions about vmware esx infrastructure lab
Navisphere Lab
Problem with pod 20
Pod 22 -- Switch m2 does not access
VMware ESX Infrastructure lab - cannot connect to the ESX...
Pod 14 server
Pod servers
P22 (SWITCH M1 and M2) is not accessing
ESX lab
Problem Connecting to ESX
Esx1 log in problem
VRanger windows login
Disk Cleanup
Guidelines for Running Virtual Infrastructure
Final Lab Demo
Question about ESX Backup Lab
Virtual Networking
Pod Servers running out of space
Pod for esx back up lab
Final Exam and G20
How to use the NewSid
Install DNS
Error when running windows server 2008 enterprise server
Preconfigured user profile
FTP website
Looking for "Notes" on Windows Clustering
Lab Demonistration
Final Exam in Room 242
Final Grades
Class on this saturday
Giving printed notes in a class or not..
Unable to log onto p23m1 & p23m2.
Lab1 SANsurfer application
P22m2 on POD 22 has interface not connected
Lab 1 Doubts
FC Lab
Lab 1-basic setup
Confusion on Lab 3
Midterm Results
Not able to connect to ESX server (with reservat...
Question about working on PODs
Can't Able to RDC to any of the server..
Repeated lost server connection-Pod 14
Windows clustering lab
Pod 15 - Cannot connect to - even cannot ping it.
Lab demo
Windows clustering problem
Error on POD 15
About Storage Share..
Lab 4 - VLAN Tagging..
POD-13-connection problem
Pod 16 connection prob
POD 14 ESX Server not responding
VMWARE not working
Lab Demo
ESX connectivity on POD
Some questions about HPC.
Final Grades
About user name and password
SAN disconnected
Midterm Grades
Fibre Channel Lab
Storage Array problem
ESX lab: win2k server VM
LAB 2: Raid and iSCSI
Linux=>winxp (ping problem)
Failed updating partition information!!
What happens to my POOL???
Advice on Importing Large Machines into ESX
HPC Cluster Lab
Disk Usage
What is the domain controller?
Lab5:Windows Cluster
Dnsmgmt.msc Location???
NLB Clustering Network Interface Error
Lab Demo Sighnup
Unable to access I386
Lab Demo and Final Exam Grades
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