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Tutorial of accessing physical lab and simulator
Cn8810 note access
GA Schedule
Stop and Wait Protocol_C Program
Assignment Format
Cn8810 note access
Tutorial of accessing physical lab and simulator
Alternate Command for Frame-relay route (Reposted)
Midterm Lab Demo
Final Theory Exam seating arrangement
Access list Lab
CN8810 Final Lab Exam Schedule
TA Schedule
Lost note page in my office
Lets make CN8810 LAB group
Lab: Router Command Line Interface
Editors in Linux for Stop & Wait Protocol Lab
Stop-and-wait protocol assignment
Resubmissions of Assignments Before the Due Date in Turnitin
Switchport port-security - dynamic port error
IP Routing - ping between the two ports of the same router
CN8810 Final Lab Exam Schedule
CN8810 Lab Exam uses Simulator on Lab PCs
Final Exam
CN8810 Final Written Exam Room Assignments
Clear CN Lab EPH-402 by 12:45PM
TELNET to R2 on POD2
8810 Notes
New stuff
Poderosa - 2 routers in the same time
Flling into question/answer consule
Simple questions
Assignment 2 - explanations
Assignment 2 - explanations
Theoretical exam
Assignment -2 submission
Lab 2: vlan
FDDI Token Passing
TA Hours
Lab 2: Switch port-security
Simlilarity to assignment 3
Frame Relay Concept and Configuration
8810 VMware image
Poderosa- No permission on my reserved POD
Assignment 3 resubmission
One mistake in MidTerm
Midterm lab
TA's Contect email
Ip Routing
Theory Exam (Written Exam)
One question about the 2nd round Token Ring
The tutorial of accessing physical POD and simulator is a...
Final Lab Exam Schedule
Lab report for 8810
R7 is deleted!!!
TA Schedules
Deleting Router/Switch Configuration
Unable to Access "AGENA" from terminal server
Can't access pod..
Submission of the first assignment
FYI: Steps for doing the lab in VMWare (WS8) on personal ...
Do not use any delete or erase commands
VMWare versus VPN
Q&A session
Assignment # 2: Who do we send and WHAT to be exact?
Clarification of assignments and labs
Assignment 2 Submission
Any1 experienced ... semele freezes remotely working in pico
Any1 experienced ... semele freezes remotely working in pico
How to connect to semele through poderosa
To whom do we submit Assignment 3
Assignment 2 Clarification
I can not find word document in assignment3.rar
Requirement for Assignment 3
Please download new simulator
Student ID card
Lab2 - LAN switching and protocol encapsulation
Midterm Access
How do you disable Inverse ARP?
How to figure out which serial ints of FR switch is conne...
Assignment 1 marks is available
Duplicate address on FastEthernet0/0, sourced by...
Simulator: after some interval of inactivity puttycm blac...
Mid Term Lab Deadline
POD problems
Ryerson webmail unaccessible
Assignment 4
Final Written Exam
Final Lab Exam Schedule
Subnetting - ip subnet zero (for exam) ?
Assignment 3 marks
Assignment 2 Marks
Please let me know a good resource to study token ring.
When can we expect the mid-term demo lab marks?
Point of discussion about IP Lab we had on October 10
MIdterm Marks
Line vty 0 4??
Assignment 4 Marks
Frame-Relay Configuration - Midterm Part 3
Pod Access
Access-list problem
When is the next course starts for part-time students?
When will we get final grades
Final Written Marks
8810 Discuss the mistake? is it possible?
TA Hours
Notes will be distributed in class
Notes/Labs download
VMware Workstation for Mac Users
Fan not rotating Message
Interface name e0 in lab 1
LAB: Router command Line Interface
Clearing Router Configuration
Terminating Router Startup WIzard
VMware Workstation
Cannot ping from p2r5 router to the core router
Write erase
Lab 1 - V) Configuring PPP Authentication
Serial is up line protocol is down
Cisco Simulator
Assignment 1
Assignment 1
Assignment Submission
*.h C standard library in CN8810 system
How do I submit Lab #2: Stop and Wait
Lab 3 Port security
Please use Respective IP addresses
Not pinging after "no switchport port-security"
Can we use simulator for frame relay Lab?
Frame relay
Midterm lab exam
Enter enable password
POD 3 Router 1,2
Mid-tem lab part 3
Happy thanksgivin
Pod2 not accessible
Midterm lab submission
Erased IOS p5r1
Mr Arsen urgent ls
Cannot telnet p1r1
Good resource for router config
I did write erase and reload
IP routing lab - part IV section 2
Lab Exam Schedule
Does simulator support Access list
Pod16 having problem
Token ring and the datalink functions
CN8810 Assignment# 4
Please submit your CN8810 assignment # 4 immediately
Acces List
Has anyone install and run the simulator successfully?
Does anyone install and run the simulator successfully?
3 way handshake
Students who do not submit their CN8810 Assignment#4 up t...
Missing Assignment #3
Final Exam
Lab xam
VTY 0 4 on simulator
Maybe it is too late to ask - but need your help on acces...
8810 Final Labs
Unable to connect to POD
Pod6 Router1 Password?
Physical Pods
TA contact-info please
Lab 2
Assignment 1 -Sliding Window is due today
Advance Access to the labs
Assignment #2
Lab reports
Virtual POD
Download notes
Anyone has the access to Assignment 3?
When is the Mid-term?
Assignment #3 length
Lost USB Storage
Midterm Lab Test Schedule
Please open a new thread when you are posting
POD3 reservation didn't give access to me
Assignment 4 8810
Port security not working
Lab3 multipoint Q7
Good to know.
POD 3 is not suitable for Frame-Relay Lab
Unable to connect to router
Lab 4 - IP routing
Lost my laptop charger
POD17 - Frame Relay Routing
Assignment 2 and 3 marks?
Assignment#3 is missing
Telnet/SSH Client
Final Exam & LAB Dates & Time!!
Assignment#3 Marks
Last Lab
Virtual Pod import settings
Lab Exam Schedule
Lab exam time change
Final Theory Exam Cheat Sheet
Saturday 7pm Server Reload
Unable to connect to R2 on pod 15
Virtual pod
Missing Assignment #4
Exam Result!
Orientation class
Passwords are big headaches
Account Problems
VPN Connection
TA Hours
First Lecture on 8810, Not the Lab
Question about Lab1
First term
Lab Problem..
Attention Please
Problem with Configuring a serial interface
Problem with P2R1
Theoty questions 8810
P1R1 and P1R2
Pod 6 Router # 6 & & are down
Lab 2
1st Assignment-Sliding Window Protocol
Part time Students CN 8810
Poderosa Setup
Remote Connection
Stop and wait protocol
P2R1 and P2R2 problem
Accessing the Labs from Apple Mac
2nd Assignment - Fast Ethernet+Gigabit Ethernet
Submit 2 assignment?
Pod 4 connections
P4S1 asking for Password
Server room viewing
Lab 3: Basic LAN configurations
LAB: Framerelay
Arseny Taranenko <> Arseny Taranenko <...
Can we change a lab reservation?
Rommon 26 >
POD14 p14r5 appears to be hung.!!
Switch port securoty problem
Pod 15 problem
Lab Midtern Exam Information
Log-in to a not reserved POD
Problem with pod 2 fan
Framerelay interface: can not ping?
About Virtual POD router 2
POD 2 - Router Serial Link Issues
POD6 router 7 issue
Problem on POD17
Virtual pod
Login problem to virtual pod
Pod17 is down?
POD 16 Switch prob
Virtual POD - SwitchPort Security
IP addressing
LAB : IP ROUTING problem
IPv6 on POD13 - p13 r2
About IPv6 tunnel
Lab IP - Ping R1 Eth interface from R2
Ipv6 @ pod6 question
POD 2 ROUTER 1, Fan 1 not rotating
Problem pod13 r6
Exam group/date/time details
Lab Exam Topics
Final lab exam schedule
P14 r5 stopped working!
Problem with p17r7
Virtual Pod , "Authentication Failed"
Please give Access to 'virtual_circuit.ppt' in notes...
TA hours for Saturday
Final Lab exam information
Lab exam sheet
P16 r4 & r5 are down!
Help With Access-Lists
Why vlan name sales?
Static route in Acess list
P14R7 down
Lab 1 - Basic Setup
Lab Introduction Slides
Lab practice hits
TA Hours
We do not have access permission
Failed to connect the port 22 of the host
POD 1 is Unavailable
Is there anything wrong with reservations?
Debug message
Which chapter is supposed to read for lecture 3
How to clean the router?
Linux Server
Stop and Wait Protocol Lab
Please do not give passwords on the Rtrs/Sws!!!
Problem with VLAN lab
Midterm Lab Demo
Cannot telnet to p16s1
Line protocol goes down in few seconds
Frame rellay lab problem
POD 6 ---- p6r7 can not be used
Basic Lan conf
SOS. can not connect to pod2
Problem of Pod About Switch And MAC
P6r1 cannot connet
Do we have lab tomorrow ?
Someone Set Password for P16S1
Ping Local IP ADDRESS is Not Successful, WHY?
POD4 serial ports
POD 14 - unavailable
P16S1 unavailable
Port security can not be setup
Regarding point-to-point interface
P8r1 p8r2 is password protected
Practice at 12:00
For midterm lab pod checking
Problem in pod topology
Question about IP Routing
POD1 Lock
Do we need to shutdown unused interfaces?
Cannot telnet to P14R7
Cannot telnet to P13R7
Static route ?
IP Routing Lab
IP Routing Lab part 4
Correct link for Exam Topics
POD 3 Router 1
Part 4 of IP Routing Lab
Pod 5 Router 7 is unaccessible
What time is the theory exam
Cannot telnet to p14r6
CN 8810. Pod 18 r1
Lab Exams
IP Routing Lab
Access Lists lab
Manchester Encoding
Optional Lab IPv6?
IPv6 Routing Not Enabled
Show cdp neighbor not running on p1r7 why ?
Line protocol of core router keeps going down
How to connect a server
Lab 1 - Configuring Serial Interface
Configuring serial interface
Question of PPP authentication
PPP NCP question
A good tool
Whats wrong with P5r7 ??
When configuring ethernet interface
Pod8 problem
For people who don't have network background
I cant access the pod 1
Connecting problem to router
Sliding window in action
Lab1 of 8810
Important Note
If you can't not ping through Ethernet or Fast ethernet
Cisco IOS Cheat Sheet
Lab Pod reservation deleted
Please ,i am trying ot enter as unregistered user
P1R2 was tampered with
Assignment 1
Configuring PPP authentication
Yesterday's lab
Basic Linux Commands
Today's Lab (Sep 19th) - 8810
Sender.c question
Configuring port security
I am trying to open
Router1 in pod2
The new Router Discovery process in IPv6 as it is impleme...
Assignment submission ?
POD3 - p3r2 is down
Port security problem
Lab 2 of 8810
Problem with Pod 13 Switch ?
Show mac-address-table
Build your own cisco home Lab free
Port security
Lab Practise Time...
New Pods: 16, 17, 18
Port-security problem
Native Vlan Mismatch
Good site to use:
Can't turn the security port back to up
P5r3 router unavailable till Friday morning
Demo next Monday
Frame-relay lab
How to save config for ourself?
Why i cannot ping to my subinterface
Frame-Relay LAb
Static frame-relay solution
How to create subinterfaces on router 1
Problem with frame relay :-((...
About pinging in fram relay point to poing
Connection closed by foreign host ??????
Frame-relay inverse arp...
Clear IARP
Assignment 2
POD 15
Point-to-Multipoint Connection
About the command "no shutdown"
Static inverse frame-relay map
Three status of show frame-relay map
Share frame-relay cloud over public ip or IP VPN
Static routing
IP Routing Demo
IP routing RIP
Lab: IP routes
Configuring ip routes with rip and static route
Problem with p14s1
Last part of routing Lab
P15s1 flash has been erased, only rommon mode
CN8810 Assignment 3 - VLSM
Part IV of IP router with RIP and static route
What is the difference between the ip default-gateway, ip...
Is it Class or Lab today?
Cisco router could handle 500 or 1000 PVC's at the hub of...
Field-trip to the Server Roomon Monday Oct 15
Lab Final Exam
Last assignment submission date
Pod 14 Router 4 - Hardware Failure
Access-list Preparation
Access list
Step 4, Part III of Lab Access-list
Access List Lab Solution
ISDN Available in PODs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6
ISDN Lab: Part I) Configure ISDN Manager
How to "Delete" ACL entry
Written final exam
Configuring static routes in lab 4
Three important point in ACL
Which one is better CISCO ACL or Linux Firewall.
PODs 13, 14, 15 were Updated with 3550 Switches
Anybody have rapidsahre premium account username & passwo...
Pod 6 Problems
Problem with pod3
POD 3 has some problems
Physical Layer in Exam
P3r1 cant enable, locked by password
Result of 8810
Clearing Router/Switch Configuration
Lab Report
Stop-and-Wait Protocol Lab
Someone who set up password for p2s1,please publish your ...
How to Cancel Password
Any problem with p1r7?
Network connect
Lab reservation rules
P1r1 is back
ISDN lab
Isdn Labb
For the TAs: Lost Frame Relay Lab Reports
Notice for everyone from TAs
For students who are not clear about the exam date
Exam Schedule
Practical Exam Tips
Is there any problem with pod 3?
Lost Connection to Pod 4
Practical Exam, Tue. Oct. 24
Problem with POD-4 router 1
Final Grades Now Available
Final Grades Available
Assignment 1
Access to Cisco on POD4
Frame Relay Configuration
Access to POD1, POD2, POD4
Access POD1
Password Recovery on Routers
Why is the "line protocal" down?
Bypassing Initial Configuration Dialog on a Router
Assignment 1
Semele server process
Cisco Configuration
Frame-relay point to multi point
Printed Notes/Labs
Use of the Equipment During Class Hours
Frame-relay lab
Can't telnet to P6S1
ISDN Lab and Reservation
Clearing up router previous config
Access List Lab
A problem in Frame Relay lab
Problem occur on p2r5
SSH connection problem
Dialer idle-timeout
Connection closed by foreign host
Killer Commands
ISDN Manager
ISDN lab problem
Cheat sheet for theory exam too?
Final Grades
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