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CN8811 2015
New 2015-2016
Lab 1 report due date
Midterm Exam
Lab 2 Due date
Lab 3 due date
Lab 4 due date
Final Exam
Final Exam Marks
Welcome to CN8811 course
Lab 0: Learning Matlab
Lab 01
LAB - 1 Demonstration
LAB 1 Report
LAB- 2 Demonstration
Channel Coding - Lab Assignment
Lab 3 demo
Lab 4 due date
Faculty Survey
Welcome to CN8811 course
TA's Contact info & Lab Reports Submission and Lab Group ...
Lab 1
Lookng for iLab Partner
Lookng for iLab Partner
Midterm Exam
Midterm Exam
Lab 2 due date
Lab 3
Lab 4
Assignment 4
Final Exam
Class Start
MATLAB access
Course Material
Need the address of Ryerson's mirror to download MATLAB
Solution Manual for ebook
LAB 1 -Assignement 1
Sumitting Lab reports in group
Lab 1 - fft() and mesh()
Lab 1 Submission
Sinc() function
Compression ratio and calculating the same for Extended H...
Compression ratio and calculating the same for Extended H...
Lempel-ziv coding efficiency
Sample Questions
Midterm time
Student ID card
Lab Reports
Assignment 4- Solution
Tutorial and Final Exam
Pls. help to clarify some point of solved problems of las...
When will we get lab 4 Marks
Final Exam marks
Course Survey
Welcome to CN8811
VApp Login
Course notes
To nitish bishwas
Midterm Exam
Extended TA hours to solve your difficulties
Chapter 13 Questions from Text Book
Extended Huffman Coding
Compression ratio
Rogers N.E.A.R. program information Session
Thursday class reschedule
How to find LZ Code Efficiancy?
Class and Lab2 reschedule
Labs due dates
Do we have a class today
Minimum Distance for Hamming Code
Decoding table
Assignment #3 Questions
Lab 3 question 3
Assignment 4
What's the final exam date and place?
Is TA available today?
Final Exam
Questions solved in the class
Lab Report CN 8811: Lab1
Assignment #4 Questions
Extended TA hours for CN8811
Error detection/correction in polynomial codes
Missing reports
Convolution code
To dr. khalid
Labs Marks
Class Timings
GAs Email Address
Cheat sheet
Lab 1
Lab Report Guidline
Textbook in pdf
Midterm Exam
Final Exam date
Lab group numbers
Assignment 3
Lab 4
Final Exam
Faculty Course Survey
Final exam room
Getting started with MATLAB
Introduction to Matlab note
MatLab Lab0_3
Matlab Activation Key
Matlab forum
Sections 1.6-1.7
Running MATLAB in CN lab EPH402
Lab Report guidelines
Lab1 submission
Lab1 Question
Unable to get licence key from
MATLAB assignment 2
Chapter 13 text book questions
Midterm Exam seating arrangement
Matlab lab2 report submission
Lab 2 Lab Assignment 1: Entropy Calculation
Lab 2 Probability calculation
Lab 3 Generator Matrix
Lab3 submission
Lab 2:Students who havent submitted yet
Midterm Exam Paper queries
Assignment 3 and 4
Lab 3 missing
TA hours for tuesday,13th October
Final Exam Seating Arrangement
CN8811 grades
Text book for sale
Problems and Questions
How to access matlab
Help lab0 question 4
MATLAB Demo not starting on most of the Laptops
Book for Sell
Donation of the book for 8811
CN 811 Text Book for sell
No signal Pcocessing toolbox in Matlab
TA hour change notice
Lecture canceled today
Assignment1 from the text book
Bit stream from PCM code number
Lab 1 question 1
Lab 1 report
Assignment 2 questions in text books
I have questions about assignment 1
About formulas
Can we use calc in the laptops during the exam?
Scientific calculator
Assignment1 - Q3c
Lab2 due date
Assignment2, Q4
Lost and Found
Lab3 due date
(7,4) Generator matrix
Lab3: need clarification on error rate
Decoding the Codewords
LAB 4 ------ Discussion and Talking
Chapter 4
Assignment 3
Instructions for Lab 4 report
Lab #4 due date is extended to Wednesday October 15
General Technical Report Guidelines
Final Exam Question
Lab3 marks
Assignment4 - Q4
Assignment 3 Problem6.2
Error pattern calculation
About grades
Final Grades
Text book for sale
Accessing Matlab
Old Exam paper
Problem with lab0
Lab Due Date
Questions on the mid term exam
Pre-lab assignment
Sampling theorem
Assignment 1 solution / reading sections
Office Hours for TA
Lab 1 - Quantization
Lab2 first question
Lab -1 Solution
Lab 2 is due Tuesday Oct. 2nd.
Lempel-ziv coding.
About Q1 of Assignment 1
Lab1 - Quantization
Plotting entropy against probabilities
Lab2 Part 2
Output of LAB 2 ?
How to do channel code decoding
Lab 3 Last Part
Lab3 channel coding
What to do in 3rd Part of the Lab
Books needed
Solution to assignment 3
When is Lab 4 Due?
Lab 4 due date
Solution for assinmment 4
Assignment 3 Q1
Assignment 4 solution posted
TA available on Friday
Exam Room
Lab 4
Has anyone received their marks?
Lab0 and Assignment1
Re: Course information
Difficulties in CN8811
Connection to the Servers at home or in the classroom
Text book sor sale
Assignment on Source Coding
Assignment solutions
Lab Report
When is the Mid-term? Sep 21 or Sep 28?
Lecture notes for Chap 4, Lab 2 due Sep. 26
When is Lab3 due?
Assignment 3 solutions
Assignment 4
Notes for the Last Chapter
Lab3 are done!
TA hours before the final exam
Assignment 4 solutions
CN8812 and CN8813 "bible" reference books
The mark of Lab4 reports are done.
Final Grades Available
First Lab
Final Grades Available
Course Notes
Anyone as lost as I am?
Server Availability
Virtual Applications - Matlab
Virtual Applications - Matlab
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Expand/Collapse TopicEquipment Events and Problems
Expand/Collapse TopicLab Software Issues
Expand/Collapse TopicAlumni
Expand/Collapse TopicCareer Advancement
Expand/Collapse TopicCertification

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