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Lab information
Looking for group
Lab Equipment
8812 Lab Demo Group
A question about LAB2
Information: SDN/Openstack Lab
Quiz 2
CN8812 Final Lab Exam Schedule
Lab Equipment
How to view on the console that port is going to "Blockin...
Lab Demonstration Group Declaration
Lab: Multicasting and HSRP
Lab 2 - POD 20
Issues with Multicasting lab
Lab Demonstration 1
What is the time and location for the workshop on this Th...
Lab Demonstration 2
Question about SDN lab
Hand written Lecture on VPLS
Final lab Exam
Final Exam on Tuesday
Lab Exam Schedule on Dec 18
Unable to open
LAB 2 Multicast
P9S5 not reloading
PODs are booked for tomorrow demo
How to kill the old telnet sessions.
Pod23 can not be used to do Multicasting Lab?
Lab demo on Nov. 28th
Lab Exam December 17
Answers Validity of VPLS Problem set, Question 1
CN8812 Final Exam(Q1 part b)
8812 lab exam group swap
Class today?
Consultant Hours and Location
Simulator for lab 1
Equipment and Simulator
Lab Printers Out of Paper!!!
Guys sorry : this is to Jiayauan James Zheu
Pod 21 - Sw6 is rejecting switchport mode access command
What is the use of giving IP to switches in the spanning ...
Genaral Information Regarding Health and Dental Insurance
Reg: Lab 1
Quiz 1 2011
How to upload an assignment in blackboard
Correction for quiz 1
Lab 2 - Multicasting
Igmp snooping not working on simulator switches
Command to leave the multicast group
Pod 23 switch S5 in switch: mode
Lab 2
Deletion of Assignment Configuration :-(...
Can't see the mac addres?
Can't access p24s6 ??
VM ware Issue
How to save Vlan on simulator switches
TO ARSNEY-- P20R4 enable password
VLAN 2 command
How Shared Vlan Learning SVL database process
Lab 1
Lab Report Submission Guidleine
Help here is appreciated.
How to group switch into one MST region?
Lab Exam
Lab Exam 8812
Simulator for Pseudowire lab
Regarding Lab Exam
Lab Exam - open book or not?
Lab Exam Content
Xconnect not working
Quiz 2 - Question 2- Who is CIST root?
Do we need to complete Lab 5?
Lab 5: Metro Ethernet
Lab4 MPLS feedback
Lab 6 feedback
Possible schedule changes
Switching PODs
Lab 1
Lab1: spanning tree @Lisa @BahaU
Switch 6
Lab 1
What does TDR and TRC mean?
Pod 24 accesing prob in switch 6
POD23 SW 6 rommon> mode
TA Hours
POD19 SW6 in rommon state
Gianfar:/home/ is not accessible
Lost connection and unable to recover connection
Cannot telnet to p9 s2, s4, s6 and r2
Can not telnet to POD 22
Lab submission
POD 24
Logging session output
TCN topic from notes
Multicast lab
IGMP Snooping
Ip igmp join-group {no respond}
MST, PVST, Trunk encapsulation 802.1q on Cisco 2900/2950
Multicast and HSRP lab
Problems with the pods connection
Lecture Topics
Pod 22 problems
VLAN Lab submission
VLAN LAB-MST question 6
Pod20 doesn't work
Pod 9 doesn't work
Pod19 s6's down, BOOT STRING IS EMPTY
Quiz 2 Solution Question
Mpls configure
Vlan lab on simulator
What POD is for MPLS LAB?
Regarding File name of your report
Lab3: VTP Pruning
Cant access p2r2
Cant delete vlan.dat from s6
POD 23 Router 4 has a password on it!!!!
Missing CN8812 Lab Assignment -1 (Spanning Tree)
CN Passwrod Problem
POD 20 S6 doesn't work
Mpls lab
Lab Exam Schedule
POD2 R2 Problem
Mpls IP command
Can't run mpls on R2 of POD14
Pseudo wire Lab
Regarding problem-11(a) of problem set-2
Pseudowire Lab Simulator
Missing Lab 2 reports
Missing Lab 4 Reports
Missing CN8812 Lab Assignment -3(VLAN)
Missing CN8812 Lab Assignment -6(Pseudo Wire )
Class start timing
POD22 problem,Could you help me out
Unable to make pod reservation
Multi-layer switch
Unable to connect to switch
Pod20 problems
Pod 20 switch6
P24 switch 6
Please DO NOT delete flash on switches
POD19 unavailable
Lab 1 Report
Quiz announcement
Debug command not working
Switch 2950 12.1(19)
SW6 of POD23 is ROMMON mode
POD21S6 Problem
Pod24 S6 not working
Lab2: Multicasting and HSRP
How to create PVST on 2900 Switches?
How To : Erase vlan database
P22 rel
Pod22 unavailable
P20S1 and S3
Lab2, error
Pod22 s1,s6
Pod19 switch 6 is dead
Lab 4
Can't log in scheduling service for lab reservation
Unable to login into poderosa
Lab Exam Schedule
Virtual pod not working
8812- Theory Exam
Lab exam
Lab pseudowire --ldp neighbors not coming up
Virtual POD is not working.
PW question in PW and MST problems
Can't login to virtual POD
Pseudowire xconnect issue
6500 Switch in POD19 Only
MIssed Labs
Missing 8812-Lab-1
Missing CN8812-Lab-2
Missing some CN8812-Lab-3
Students list of missing lab reports
8812 Grades
Starting date of CN8812
Spaning tree example
Lab Reports
P24s6 is in rommon
Topology of Virtual Pods
Lab 1
Configure p24s6
P19S1 ask IP
Pod#20 problem
Pod 20
Please help on a p23 problem
POD20 - R3
Ethernet Switching Simulation
Autoboot: failed, BOOT string is empty
Lab due date : Your Ryerson Email ID
Terminal Freezing
Pod 20 Switch #1
Corrections on the problem set and solution
MId-term test information
Lab Report 2
Interface error on POD 21
POD20 switch 6 (VLAN configuration)
Virtual POD: Topology 4> R5 can not create vlan 2!
Pod21 s2
Lab2 Trunking problem
Problem set solution 1
VLAN lab correction
Lab2 part III
Command "switchport" in vertual pod
Frozen switches in pod 23
Deadline for lab 2 report submission
Lab 2- Section 5: Inter-VLAN routing using VLAN interface
Pod21-switch-2 not supporting MST
S3 and s4 in pod20 are frozen
Routed ports
Switch1 Switch 3 and 4 on Pod 23 are frozen
POD 21 problem
Lab 2 - Page 4 - Design 2 Spanning trees for MST01 & MST0...
Lab 3. Please clarify the question
Lab1 Marks and Missed Reports
Virtual Pod
Frame-Relay Lab
Pod5 Router 1 is frozen
Lab 3 Due date
Are you able to open the Mid-Term solution posted?
When is the due date for lab4
Problem Set 2 posted
Pseudowire Configuration help Required!
Unable to login to virtual pod
Pseudowire lab or metro ethernet
Problem Set 2 Q7
LAb EXAm for 8812
Virtual POD Server error
Lab Exam Schedule
Final examination information
Pseudo Wire Lab
CN8812 schedule changes
About Tuesday's lecture time
Where could we find this course's notes?
Using the forum
Lab1 due date..
Welcome to CN8812
Pod 24 , switch 6 problem
POD 20 Switch 6 Problem
P21R4 dose not work
Cant access pod 24
Pod 21s6 does not work
POD 22 S5, POD22 S6, POD 22 R3
Pod24 Switch6 VTP Problem
VTP Tutorial
Lab Report Format is Available Now
POD 19
Pod19 switch1
Need more Pods for CN8812
Help for P21s6
Can u plz extend the number of the pods??
Clarification: not the MAC address of the Ethernet switch
Using delete flash/vlan.dat on switch 6
Poem by Perlman, inventor of STP
Problem on p14s1
No responding from Pord 19 S1,S2, S3 and S4
Lab Report
S6 in pod22
Part VI of lab 2
Spanning Tree Animation
Lab 3
You can use PODs (19, 20, 21, 22, 23) for Lab 3
Network Simulator (GNS3)
Lab2 - part 7
Lab Report
8812 Lab Reports
Question about Lab 3
Lab 3 Figure 1 - updated
Lab 3 part 12
Need help! Lab 3, Design
Problebs in Lab3
Lab 3 Reports
Lab exam
Lab 4 is now posted
Practice question for Lab exams
Copying the results from the network simulator
Lab 4 : Serial ports on R1-R3 s2/0 or s1/0?
Lab 4 submission
Network Simulator
Network simulator
Lab 4 - FR bridging.
GNS3 - Saving your config
Due date of Lab 4 extended
Lab Exam
Lab 5 is now posted
Lab exam info
EPH402 is available only for Lab exam today (9:00AM-7:00P...
CN8812 lab examination date
Written exam
8812 Lab Exam - Friday Dec. 12 Schedule
8812 Lab Exam Schedule
To: Nitish Biwas
Problem in pod 21
Lab 5 Report
Lab Report (Important)
Final marks
Help needed in part IV &V of VLAN lab
Switchport mode trunk command rejected?
Vlan database command rejection
Is there a better way to clean up the config of the switch?
Switching Pods and Switch Types
POD 22 Problem!
Vtp domain command not working
Switiching Lab
How to we submit the labs?
Spanning tree flash tutorial
Portfast and uplink
CN8812- SpanningTree- PortFast Conf
Regarding 2nd lab - spanning tree
Lab Submission
Regarding our lab marks
Pods for Lab 3
Pod 19 s6 - No mst information available?
No Flash on switch 2 on Pod 22 - boot command not workning
Pods for Lab 4 - Frame Relay
Question for lab4
Lab 5
CN-8812 Exam Date
Error msg on pod17 router 1
Lab4 &5
When the grades are available ?????
Cisco LAN Books
Lab Topology
Quick question on Lab 1 under II) TRUNKING
Receiving Errors in POD10
Lab 1 part III & V
Switches 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Pod 8
Can not access to pod9 s1,s2,s4, any help?
One more question
Lab Report Submission
Please start new Threads
Question about lab 2
Question Lab II: Part II
Lab 2 Nov 14
Forum is awfully quiet
Lab sample and format
Root Path Cost
Pod 9 available on november 16th 11:30-13:00
Lab 3 on my homepage (Friday evening)
Lab 1 mark
Lab 3 design 1
LAB 3 Design 1 is done
About POD 10
My Contribution for Lab number 4
Lab 2 confirmation
Lab 4 Question
Traffic will loop inside the mst region?
Looking for partner
Lab 4 Part III, Q1
BVI interface
Lab 4 Part 3 Question 3
Lab 5 - ATM
Lab 3 confirmation
Why no rip route in all the routers
Final Grades
Final Exam
Lab 1: Spanning Tree
A type error in the VLAN lab
Frame Relay Lab
New Topology
Lab 4 - QOS
Important: Clarifications for PartV of lab4
CN 8812 last lab
Please check your e-mail account, TA
Final Grades
Lab due on wednesday class (nov 9)
Lab 1 is Posted
Important Notice
VLAN lab - bye bye
Anyone else need a partner?
Pod 9 is screwed
Important Notice
VM Server in POD 7 is down AGAIN, my fellow classmates!!!
Virtual Machine Problem
Lab Recommendations
P8s3 down
Lab 2 has been updated
A steep learning curve for doing the lab
What are the items need to be in a lab report
Lab 3 problem
Solution for Lab 1 (VLAN)
Lab -3
Solutions in CN8812? Who are they for?
Lab 4
Is it virtual machine or me
Frame-Relay document
CN8812 Exam guideline
Please keep checking the forum for the rest of solutions
Solution for Lab 2 Spanning-tree
Solution for lab 3 MST
Q: Frame Relay
Solution for Lab 4 Frame-relay
Hints for Lab 5 ATM
The grade is available
CN8812 lab PODs and simulator
Python Networking seminars
GNS3 local installation
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Expand/Collapse TopicCN8831
Expand/Collapse TopicCN8861
Expand/Collapse TopicCN8871
Expand/Collapse TopicScheduled Service Outages
Expand/Collapse TopicEquipment Events and Problems
Expand/Collapse TopicLab Software Issues
Expand/Collapse TopicAlumni
Expand/Collapse TopicCareer Advancement
Expand/Collapse TopicCertification

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