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Fall 2015 Class schedule
Lab Equipment
Joining a group
Joining to the group
Lab Assignmnets Submisson & Group Information
2015-2016 8813
EIGRP lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3 part vii
Final Lab Exam
OSPF Assignment Grades
LAB 5 PIM report submission extension request
CN8813 Final Lab Exam Schedule
CN8813 final exam
Lab Equipment
RIPv1 Discontiguous Networks - Solution
Network Topology of Pod1
Student Groups
Alternate Command for Frame-relay route
Lab Exam on December 10
Lab exam
PODs for PIM lab
Final Marks
Network Simulator
IPV6 enable
Question regarding Lab 1, Part 2.
Doubt abt Lab 1, Part 2.
Lab report submission guideline
Problem in R3 of poddy manager
Group Member Information
OSPF V3 Problem
IP Multicasting
Remote desktop to POD server
Lab exam will cover IPv6
Lab exam will cover IPv6
Theory exam - increase your passing marks
Pod servers and multicast lab
8813-Lab- PIM
IP protocol final exam timings?
Lab Exam Schedule for December 16
What will we face for the 8813 lab exam?
Ipv6 lab in final exam
When is the start date for 2012
Can't find notes from the first lecture
Lab Submission and Group information
Root bridge pns5
Lab Reports Guidelines
VLSM Practice HW - Part III/Q3: traceroute from central a...
How and when do we get marks for quiz?
Lab 2
Pod 1
IPv6 Lab -- some issues
Lab 2 - Enabling OSPF, doesn't kick in on R1 & R3 for som...
Lab 2 - ReDistribute OSPF into EIGRP & vice versa
Lab 2 - Route Summary
Problem here!
Lab 2 IPV6
R2 filtering external route 2100:1:1:36::/64 -- explain a...
Pod 2 switch password?
OSPF lab - External network
Lab 2 IPv6
IPV6 with OSPF not supporting
When will we get marks for labs?
Lab Exam
LAB 4- Redistribution
Connecting to Pod server
8813 - Final Lab. Exam - Open Book or not?
Short Notes/ Cheat Sheets
Multicast Lab - POD/VM Access
Multicasting Lab - not taking RP
Lab Exam Content
Regarding VIC Application in Multicast Lab
Theory Exam
Final Lab exam
Split Horizon in EIGRP
When will grades be avaliable for the fall term?
Schedule changes
Lecture No 1 tonight
Pod 1 access prob ?
TA office hours
Lab 1 Topology in Simulator
Lab submission
EIGRP MEtric Calculation
Disable CEF
To form a group
Lab #2
Lab2 in trouble, please help me
Lab2 frame relay ospf
Lost a cell phone
Group Number
Pod3, router 1
Extension OSPF
Lab 2 - An error in Part VII question 1
OSPF on NBMA networks
Small concern
Connecting to POD Server problem (POD 17)
Virtual Machines @ POD
Multicast Pods
Not able to access console after issuing " pim debug proc...
Lab Exam Schedule
Area BACKBONE( (Inactive)
Is the final lab exam for CN8813 open book?
How long is the final exam (theory)? one and a half hour?...
Optional IPV6
Virtual Mechine Access
Merry Christmas & Happy Newyear
Current 2010-2011
Lab submissions
Solving the Assignment
Group Partner
P2r2 serial interface s0/0/1 not working
Regarding lab reports
Whry r1 on pod6 asking for password
Router 1 pod 18 not working
Enable password for pod6r1
Lab 1 R2 and R5 same subnet and different vlan
Problem with virtual pod
Possible hardware failure with p5r2
8813 Lab Submission - Cannot locate the upload link on bl...
Lab 2 ospf the virtual link
Lab 2: OSPF over Frame Relay
Lsa error message-BADLSATYPE ???
Lab 2: Part IV: External Route
R3 in POD-2 is not working
Lab document format
Rip advertising
Log in at schedule page
Labs documents
Unable to connect to routers in virtual pod
Lab Exam Schedule
Lab 3- RIP question
8813 - Theory Exam Schedule
POD virtual server
Pod15 server
Running Servers in Multicast Lab
LAB 4 Due date
Lab 4 - multicast address
Donot see a pop-up window after loggin in
Lab 4 Question
Lab exam
Lost USB Drive
How to stop virtual pod log in
Problem with poderosa
Final exam room
Cheat sheet allowed in exam?
Virtual Pods Availability on the day of the Lab Exam
Lab exam
How to find course notes on Blackboard
Where to find answers of Lab Exercise: Subnetting and Sup...
Lab -1 >RIP Discontiguous Networks and EIGRP<
P6R1 reload
Day Light Saving and POD reservation time
Labs due dates
Partner for Lab
Problem in switch of POD3
Pod 2 problem
Virtual POD problem
Please check P3R2
Whats wrong in Pod18
Can't work with P2R5
Problem with P5R1, P5R2
Lab 1 due date
Problem with POD4
Lab2 - OSPF PartVII Virtual Link
P15R5 is doing wacky stuff
Lab 3 - Redistribution - due date
LAB 2 OSPF Deadline ON Sunday Nov 29
Pod 17
Frame Relay
Lab4 instructions
Route Redistribution
Lab 3 and 4
Final Exam Schedule
LAB 2 Report Missing
Exam seating
DUAL Algorithm
Virtual POD problem
Please check P3R4
Lab4 PIM - Ethereal
Results date
CN8813 Classes will begin on Oct. 27
TA Hours
Lab examination date
Problem on Pod 2
Lab Report Format is Available Now
Network Simulator
Lab 1 Report
Pod5 disconnection during configuration
Delay value in Q3- Solutions for Problem Set 1
Mid-term test date and time
Lab Exercise
Problem set1 Q.2 IGRP timmer
Due date for the ospf lab
Lab Exam Signup
OSPF lab
Lab Report Feedback
Sggestion for network simulator
Lab-2: OSPF
Open Book exam of Lab CN8813
Lab Exam Schedule
Password on R1 of pod16
Lab Submission
Remote Desktop Login problem
Lab 402 is available only for Lab exam today
Final Lab Exam
Lab4 - PIM
Lab 4 PIM due when?
Missing labs
Lab 3 returning
Final Marks
When is the first lecture?
Course Textbooks (Ebook)
IP summarization.
Ip source route
How to write your lab report?
Group Size
Statement of Lab1
Part IV Lab 1
I have msg ,i can't understand why?with a lab eigrp
Part IV Metric Calculation in EIGRP
Lab 0 Due date
CN8813-OSPF Lab
Some fans are not rotating on pod 14,
Lenght of the Lab
Should we disable route summarization after Part 3?
Mistake in Lab 2 Part VII - Virtual Links
Part 1.. Step 9/10/11 ,,,,In OSPF Lab
QAs good for Quiz preparation
Regarding our lab marks
Pod 5 Switch flapping
Help about lab3 RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
EIGRP redistribution question
Problem with ospf
Step 8 of Lab PIM
In wednseday 5/12/2007 is gonna be lecture?
Lap 4-Windows virtual machine
Step 6 of PIM Lab
Priority option included in PIMv2
Debug in step 7
Problem with VM setup
How can we fix the fan rotating problem
Help about the VM ip please
Log onto vm problems,, arsney plz help
Lab Marks
How do I store files from VM to Z:/
Good source for Multicast
IP spt-threshold infinity
CN8813 Final examination date is on this Friday
Do we have to memorize the cisco configuration for the fi...
Open or Closed book exam?
Prof.'s Message: Exam Rules / Please read it before you a...
Prof.'s Message: Sitting Arrangement.
Lab and Quiz Marks
Who lost a calculator?
Grades Available ?
You can know if you passed or not in the Blackboard.
Office hours
Forming groups
Wanna join our lab group?
Sincere advice
Ambiguous direction in IV) Metric Calculation in EIGRP
Lab 2 - Question IV
Groups + updates regarding the submission of labs
Last Part of Lab 2
Email address of TA
OSPF over Frame Relay
Last part of ospf Lab
External Link or Loopback
Labs % distribution
Lab 2 Grades (out of 10)
Where is in Figure 2 in Part 2 (Redistribution L...
Lab 4 part 2
Multicast lecture
Multicast Lab Servers
How to get port no.
Multicast Software
Smart Hawk Question
There is problem on P3S1
Can't connec to remote desktop
Lab3-OSPF grades
Smart Hwak
Lab 4 grades-redistribution
Groups 1 and 7
Lab 5-PIM grades
Few warnings regarding tomorrow's final
Smart Hawk Lab Not Working
Final Grades
EIGRP state diagram
OSPF Lab - (IV) External Route
Lab2 RIP, EIGRP - Solution for IV) Metric Calculation in ...
Topologies on POD3, POD4, POD5
Lab5 PIM
Guest Speaker
Please use POD5 and 6
Final Grades
CN8813 Fall 05
Labs due date
Lab 2 announcements
Hint for Lab 2
Lab Exam
Lab 2 due date is postponed to Friday Nov 18
Some good practices while doing your labs
Lab 3 information
When will Lab 4 be posted?
Lab 3 Part 1
Clarification on Lab 4
Lab 5, Multicasting is available now
Tips and Tricks on Lab Test
Important notice about: Lab 5
Final Exam Topics
Congratulations Poeple!
Final grades
PODs for PIM lab
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Expand/Collapse TopicCN8831
Expand/Collapse TopicCN8861
Expand/Collapse TopicCN8871
Expand/Collapse TopicScheduled Service Outages
Expand/Collapse TopicEquipment Events and Problems
Expand/Collapse TopicLab Software Issues
Expand/Collapse TopicAlumni
Expand/Collapse TopicCareer Advancement
Expand/Collapse TopicCertification

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