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Info for the Academic version of Riverbed Modeler
Team Up
Academic version of Riverbed Modeler v17.5
Pods for lab 1 and 2
CN8814 Riverbed Project
Videos of last lecture are here. YAY
Community Support for Academic version of Riverbed Modeler
OS's running the Academic version of Riverbed Modeler
Is Class today CN8814
Instructions to Download and Install Opnet
Lab. & Project Reports Submission Guidelines
Turnitin Submission
Letter Grade
CN8814 Winter 2013
A Tutorial about how to download Opnet Software and activ...
Application Parameter - How to enter frame size?
About sending project and lab reports
Labs and project marks
Opnet IT Guru Package
Opnet Reachability Analysis
CN8814 Project Topology Question
Assignment solutions for CN8814
Submission deadline for OPNET Part 1
Project Part1
CN8814 midterm exam marks
Text Book
CN8814 Midterm Exam Papers
MPLS Lab Basic Setup
Lab 1 Submission
Submission Deadline for OPNET Project Part -2
I lost my water bottle in today's class
Changes to submission deadlines for labs and project
What's the final exam date, time and place?
CN8814 Final Exam
Custom queueing with low latency
Where to submit OPNET PROJECT PART 2
Do you know how to force reroute in failure case?
About 8814 marks, to teacher and TAs
CN8814 marks
CN 8814 Lab marks
Missing CN8814 Lab2
Missing Opnet Report Part2
CN8814 Marks
Z: drive access
Vmware software
Looking for lab partners to join our group for the Project
Opnet licence for the IT Guru Student Edition on personal...
"Lab Groups" Submission Deadline
Opnet student edition
Looking For Group Members
Instructions for Lab reports
Notebook lost in Class
Opnet project part 1
Mid Term
Opnet question
Performance measurement
Project 1 Q3
Voice Labs
Application Servers IP address
Due Date for OPNET Project Part-2
Opnet Project
Simulation not running for more than 5 minutes
OPNET project final report
Lab 2
Question on Course Project - Part 3
Lab and project group
Project Groups
OPNET Tutorial
Opnet Building network
Opnet Guro
Lost USB
OPNET - Due date for report
Midterm is open book?
Opnet license issue
Failed toconnect to peer process
Need help in opnet project
CN8814 Mid-term Marks
How Can I Copy From E drive
Opnet reference
Problems in Opnet project
OPNET Project Report
Lab 1 - Recording Average Packet Drop
POD Server
VPN connection
Please Extend the Date for OPNET Part 2
Mixed Queue
Due Dates Extended
Lab 1
WFQ Flow Based or class Based
POD2 Connection
Measuring Jitter and ect
Remote Login problem
OPNET Part 2
Pod Servers
Due Dates Extended for Lab 2 and OPNET Part 3
Opnet PArt 3
CN8814 Marks for Final Exam
Lab2 : Qos for VOIP
Whom to submit Lab2 report?
Lab2 and project report missing
Marks for labs and project, and grade
Opnet Tutorial - Jan 9
Course notes
Opnet Installation
Project Schedule
Queueing Systems Book For Sale
Project Groups
Running Opent(Virtual Machine) Question
Opnet Topology equipment confusion
Confusion About Determination a path each of the applicat...
Determine exact pixels for farme size=2500 Byte
Opnet applications/ profiles
Graphical traffic flow
110% utilization ?!
Submit the first part of OPNET project
Project Report
Midterm Exam...Define Periodic State..
Poisson proccess
Project part 2 qeustion
Project Part 1 confirmation
Queue Parameters Doubts
Preparing for the Quiz
Opnet Tutorial
Is there class on Feb. 18?
Error encountered in Lab2
Opnet Stuck
Running Opnet on the POD Servers
Lab:Building a first network
About lecture today 30/1/08
Avoid "altair" Server for Now
Step 21 for lab2 (building a first network)
Lab: node modeling
Unable to locate IP QOS scenario
View results
Looking for a partner for the project
Today 6/2/08 lecture,,
Router turns to Gray in Opnet & virtual CLI
Monday Quiz 2 testable material...Slide numbers
About final exam 2007
Need help in R(t) value in Fair queue and WFQ
Quiz 2 marks are now posted on the blackboard
DRR and WDRR are included in the exam????
OPNET license
Simulation time ?
Please One Opnet Session per Group
Unable to load node
No Licence for OPNET
License server not responding
CN8814: Lab extention request
Report Submission
Question 12: Designing QOS for the entire network
Quiz Model
More examples ?
Friday, Jan. 19 Tutorial Reminder
Friday, Jan. 26 Tutorial
Midterm Question
Happy OPNETing
Question for Final Exam
Project, Video Question
Determine a path
The Agena Server disk is full
OPNet often corrupts
Difference Between Client and Server
Problem with VPN?
Opnet Project Due Date Extended
Traffic Center
Measuring Performance
Agena is failing
Project Pointers
Dropped Packets
File Permission was not set
Question 11 & 12 of the Opnet Project
Exponential InterArrivals
Plotting several Graphs
Opnet is awful
Some Opnet Guidelines
Opnet IT Guru Academic Edition
Final Grades
Starting Date
Opnet Tutorial
CN8814 Project Report Submission
Final Grades
Readings for Monday Jan 9th
Solution of 2004 Midterm
<Request on Time Extension for The Opnet Assignment>
Does anyone know how to set the parameters for the Opnet ...
Hi Ataranen, we want an extention about the 8814 Project ...
Academic version of Riverbed Modeler v17.5 for Spring 2017
Riverbed Modeler in CN Lab licenses OK
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