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Lab marks of CN8815
Lab Demonstration 1
Lab Exam Schedule
CN lab EPH402 closed for CN8815 lab exam at noon Thursday...
CN8815 - Network Architectures - W2014: Quiz 1
Where do we submit Quiz 2 solution on BB?
Lab Exam Schedule
Question 4 Final exam solution
Lab Exam
Welcome to CN8815 Cource
8815 Equipment and Simulator
Lab 1 Controlling Routes updates
When to submit group member info?
Lab report submission date mismatch
Simulator and BGP labs
How to turn the neignbor exchange message from displaying...
Announcement about your lab assignments
Lab 4 & 5
Lab Exam Schedule
Lab 5 MPLS - Hub and Spokes Configuration
8815 final lab. exam
8815 MPLS - TE Lab
MPLS Lab feedback
Welcome to CN8815 Cource
Can we do Lab1 on simulator or Physical Pod?
Examination Dates
Lab 8 - Private Link
Tuesday Quiz
Labs on GNS3
CN8815 Mid-Term 2010 Question 1
Password on P15R8
BGP setup
POD2 Router2
Request extended one day for Lab-3 (CN8815)
MPLS Lab Basic Setup
Quizes solutions
Network Simulator Update
Missing 8815 Lab-1 Reports
Lab Exam Schedule
Lab 5 - MPLS Part IV Hub-and-spoke
Problem Set 2
Problem set 2
Lab 6,7,8
Results are posted
Class time
Can't connect to Pod 4
Switch of Pod 14 is not accessible
LAB Assignments
Pod 16-router R2
Lab Submission problem in RAMSS
P13R2 problem with BGP
Re-uploading Lab Report has been enabled
Getting messages in Lab2
Virtual POD not working
Quiz 1
Please restore router
BGP Route Filtering
POD 15
Pod 5
Problem with p15r2 and p15r3
POD-6 Router-6 problem
Lab Exam Schedule
Pod 14, R7
Lab 4 and 5 due date ?
Missing reports for BGP lab6-8
Lab 1 - controlling routing updates
How to cope commands and results from VMware?
Lab Format
Help on pot3
Frame-Relay Configuration : Controlling Routing Update
First Lab
Examination Dates
POD 14 : Router P14R2: bgp error: Protocol not in this image
Lab2 question
Lab Access Issues
Problem set 1
CN8815 MId-term test information
Lab schedule
Pod 3 router 5 error
LAB 5 - Part E
Lab 5 Part F
Route Flapping
Lab 3 Submission
Virtual pod.. line protocol down..!!
Virtual pod problem
Lab 4 submission
Final exam topic confirmation
MPLS lab
MPLS lab
Lab Exam Schedule
Lab 5: MPLS/VPN Hub and Spoke
Pod 2 Router 6 - Not Supporting MPLS or Tag-Switching
Need Pod 17 session to be reset..!!
Building VPNs Using Route Targets
Final Examination information
MPLS Lab Submission
MPLS-TE seminar
Fan 2 not rotating
POD 4 is inaccessible
LAB 1 = Controlling Routing Updates?
Lab schedule
POD: 13 -> Router:3 -> looks like not supporting BGP at t...
Pod 4,13,14,15 does not support BGP ???????
CN8815: Mid-term test information
CN8815 course web site
Lab1 report has been returned
P16R7 int s0/1/1 errors
GNS3 alert
Pod5_Router6_Serial0/2 Flapping
Lost bgp notes
P2R1 Fan Problem - Not Critical
Problem Set
Lab 2 has been returned
Lab submission
Lab_bgp6 - Part A
Lab 3 - returned
Lab Exam Schedule
Simulator for lab exam
Hardware issue
Problem Sets
MPLS support on P6r6
Final examination information
MPLS lab: IBGP redistribution
Not support MPLS on Pod5
Lab 4 is returned
Urgent!!! Router 5 in Pod13 malfunctioning
Lab 5 - MPLS due date
Answers for the sample examination is posted
MPLS-TE lecture date
Marks for the past 4 labs
Lab 5
CN8815 final grades
Hi, when is our first class? Thanks!
Redistribution with route filters
Lab report due date
POD4 Unavailable
Lab Pods
Course Notes
Postscript?!!.. is this like the 90s..?
Lab 1 Part 1
Pod 13 r 4 doesn't have flash
What is the next Lab Dr. Ma wants us to do?
Lab1 submission
P4S1 Fa4/0/2 link up down
Unsual step 4???????????
POD6 Router 5 BGP is not working
Iii) Configuration - Step 2 in original setup for BGP La...
BGP lab -synchronizaiton
Something wrong with P1R7?
Date for the Mid-term test
Lab 3
A correction on the problem set solution
Dead Link in 'Notes'
Problem Set 1 Question 3b) help
Problem Set 1 Question 4
Counseling hours
Lab 2 feedback has been submitted
Problem Set1
Error in use of : in notes
Pod18R7 sometime just stop response.
Lab 6 Second Part
Lab 6 Clarification Question
Lab VIII Private and Backup Links
When week 4 Lab submission is due ?
Lab 3 is posted
Question about the midterm
2nd Question about the Midterm
QinQ question
Traffic Engineering on the Exam?
VRF RD and RT little Tricky but interesting
Problem Set2 Question 7 A
Office Hour
Pod for Lab1 - Route Distribution
BGP Not Working on some of the PODs
BGP Image Fix
How many parts for the BGP labs we have to finish on this...
Course is hard
Lab 4: Part VI A
Problem with p6r1
About the MPLS lab
MPLS Lab - Frame Mode
Three Students Yet Submitted Their Lab4 Reports
Last day for MPLS lab
Assigning weights using filter lists.
Quiz on Thu
Lab 4 - Multihome to a Single Service Provider
Show label stack in mpls lab
BGP Case Studies Link
Lab 1 Topology
Lab 1
Problem with POD1
Problem with POD1 resolved
BGP Topology
Final Grades
Looking for a partner to do the lab together
CN8815 physical PODs
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