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2016-2017 - Simulators
Forming a group
Solution for simulator error
Disable ftp inspection in ASA8.4
Ftp inspection
Lab 2 - R2 Question
ACS server EVAL Expired
Midterm marks
TA/GA Hours
Today's Class
Midterm Exam
Course starts today
Link to download Simulator
Lecture 1 and 2 presentation
Simulator ASA
Course 8816 - Network Security TAs
TA hours
Lab 1 set up problem
Lab 1 PIX Firewall Topology
Lab 1 Due Date
Mid term
Lab 2 submission extension request
Trying to Access using https in LAB #2
Lab 2 Submission
ASA Simulator - GNS3
ACS won't open
Online Rack access
Lab Exam Schedule
Lab 4 part 2
Lab 4 Due Date
Course Today
Save configuration in ASA8.0
Lab 1 Information
Pod2 s1
Midterm exam
Lab on physical pod
FTP login problem
Lab 1 Submission date
Proxy ARP
Lab1 Part 3
ASA device crashes
Nameif failed
Station p2w1
LAB 2 CA server not installed.
Question for the LAB2
Block size of hash value
Lab 2 Date Extension.
RDP to Terminal Server Resetting - Copying VM
P11R7 is in the ROMMON mode
ACS trial
Lab3 local server question
Final Exam Date
Lab Exam Schedule for Tue Apr 17
Lab 4
LAB-4 Part-2 Step-3 issue
How to install ACS 4.2 in virtual machine - Lab3
Capture content of debug radius in DOS screen
7d mod 77 = 1
Decryption in AES
Lab 4 submission date
Lab4 - Part 2
Lecture notes
Looking to join in a group
Pod 17
Password configured on PIXG
Copy virtual machine failed in middle
Unable to install VPN Client
The study guide is posted on the course web site
Question on Lab 1
HTTP Lab Topology
Printing Notes
Ping from virtual machine station 1 fails?
Lab 3 ACS sever
Pod 5 firewall has usrname/ password on
Arseny please remove user/pass pod 5 PIX
Lab 3 - AAA
Can't log in?
Can't Login POD 5
Question on lab3
Lab 4 extention
Security Issues
Remote Desktop connection problem
Lab Exam Schedule
Unable to run "crypto" command on R5 (POD 3)
Debug output lab4
Can anyone please explain this msg !
Dr. Ma Security Lectures In first week of May
Proper vitual machine
PIX firewall lab
CN8816 Labs
Need help in server sccessing
Lab 1
Lecture date changes
Lab 3 submission
Access to Shared folder (Z:-) from second Jump (Remote desk...
Lab Exam Schedule
CB8816 Examination information
Cannot login to pod 2 pix..!!
Can't log into PIXg on POD11
Pod 2 PIX problem !!
Pod 4 PIXD - I apologize
CN8816 Examination results
Lab 4 Submission
Lab1 Clarification
Not Permit to Login In The Remote Server
Reload the firewall pix
Problem with coping virtual machine
Lab Report Deadlines
Vmware NICs all have the same MAC address?
Password requires for PIX to pass user prompt.
Finalized Exam Days?
Pod2 server unaccessible.
Security Simulation
Pod5- saved configuration for pix
Pod - 13 --- Worksatation 4 cannot be accessed and also n...
DNS Doctoring
Lab1 submission
CN8816 Mid-term test
Pod 4 - no sh username command
Cisco Radius Attribute cisco-av-pair [009\001]
ACS either as Station1 or Station2, authentication does ...
Password on p13r5
Pod 3 - Pix does not access
Pod 2 pix not accessible
Lab 2 Submission
Cannot login the server by using RDC
Lab part III
POD1 - pixa not accessable
LAb Part 4
Pod2 pix asks for user and pass
Command authorization failed!
Not able to connect to pix or switch in POD3
Pod3-password on pix
Server too busy to accept new connections?
Now POD22 IS OK OR Not?
Pod 2 router 1 issue
Lab3 IPSec router command issues
POD 4 pix not accessable
Someone setup the user/pw on POD1
Final examination information
Lab3 - Part II - VPN Client
POD 11 Require IP address
Lab Exam Schedule
POD 2 - looks like that POD 2 does not support crypto at ...
Crypto map commands
Which TA should receive lab 3 submission?
Seminar on Wireless LAN and IPS
Lab3 part 3
POD4 - does not support crypto
Lab 3 submission
Please Recover the PIXa Image !
Lab 3 missing
TA Hours
The schedule for the first lab
Counseling hours
Equipment Pods for the Labs
Where could I find HTTP, FTP and DNS servers
POD 6 Server is Unstable
Mid-term and examination dates
How PIX Firewall handles routing
Log in the Virtual Machine
Some problem in switch Pod-2
FTP message: Access Denied ???
Ftp login problem
DNS Doctoring Problem
How to erase running config of PIX
Need password for Pod2 pix (maybe HojatTehrani know?)...
Next Chapter to be covered on this Wednesday
POD13 available for security labs
Warning on "no fixup"
There will be a lecture on next Monday
CN8816 Mid-term test
Secure your MSN message using RSA
Unable to connect to Wifi_1 - POD 19
POD4 -pixd - continously rebooting
Lab2- part2
How to configure PIX as an AAA server
Lab2- Part 2 - Error: All SA proposals found unacceptable
Arseny, please check pod4 ..pixd
Lab 2 - Part 2
Lab2-Part 3 - Crypto command unrecognized
Dates on router & pix
Third Router with IPsec Features
Lab2-part3 - proxy identities not supported
Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)
Please submit your report in PDF format
Lab 1 has been submitted
Phase 1 mode
Best job @ campus as a ACS Lab Advisor...
LAb3 Part 2 (Display user command)
Lab2 and Lab3 has been returned
Did not receive your lab?
Office Hour
Lab Setup
Web, FTP Services
Firewall/LAB 1 deadline
Pix Firewall Lab, IP configurations
DNS request
Different POD, different config ?
Please use pods 2 and 11 when possible
Change in the lab
Daylight Savings Times and Lab-Reservations
ACS Server
RFC Stating the risks of using DES
802.1x Authentication
Red Hat VM Passwords
Routers with Crypto
802.1x Radius Server Configuration
Discrepancies with the Lab paper
AAA Lab is Lab number 2
Can not access to pixe in POD6
Not Enough disk space for VM machine
802.11x Lab Pods
Please Delete the Machines you don't Use
Please Delete Servers in PODs 2 and 11
Attn: Arseny!! I am very sorry to make BIG trobles....
VPN Client
Only DES enabled on POD 2
Routing Email using two Interfaces
Live Linux CD
Downloading VMs
Problem with vmware
Virtual Machine Networking
Privileged port
PAM Configuration
Grades for the Exam and the Project
Lab Submission Deadline
IDS Workshop Notes
New Course Outline was Posted
Lab 1 Topology
Accessing Servers from Home
Topology Change for Lab 2
New Notes and Lab Available
Windows Servers Added
Starting FTP Service
When and which pod will be changed to Lab4 topology?
VPN Topology Ready on POD3
Due Date for Lab 4 Postponed
No access to security servers from home!!!
New Notes
Explanation of Multiple Choice Answer
IDS Vesion Number
Organization ID
Starting the CSPM with an error
Change To IDS Setup
Addition to IDS Topology
Can not finish task7
Network Topology
Virtual Machines
Password Problem
Virtual Server Access
Lab Topology
Password on pixd
Hello, Ataranen, the vm machine is down
Topology Conversion Table
Any new pods coming?
Password on Pix
POD11 is now available
We need a http server in the vm
Questions about the Labs
VPN with X-auth
Hello Ataranen, Could put a java vm software in the vm ma...
ACS Admin
Win Server CD
Intrusion Detection Seminar
All winter term marks!
Physical PODs for CN8816
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Expand/Collapse TopicEquipment Events and Problems
Expand/Collapse TopicLab Software Issues
Expand/Collapse TopicAlumni
Expand/Collapse TopicCareer Advancement
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