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Start date
POD22 for labs
What's the username and password of POD 23?
POD23 for LAB2
Controllers login Password Credential
POD20 not available at this time
Lab 3 demonstration
Con3 is recovered
Problem with AP's on pod23
Pod23 con2 password
Lab 2 Problems
Lab doc
Labs and due dates
Lab Access Information
Cannot connect wifi 2 on POD 20 through RDP
Local RADIUS Configuration
Lab 1 Part 2
Please do not save config
POD 19 Connection Issue
Wifi connection on pod21
Cannot connect to wifi devices on pod 19
Lab 2 problems
Wifi machine Ethernet Interfaces
Useful guide
Lab3 problems
Lab 3
Lab 3 due date extended to Wed. April 6th
Lab3 external radius server
Can not access both wifi on pod 21
Wireless class on Thursday April 14
Lab1 Submit
Login problems with wifi devices
Channel 52 and 56 in pod 21 Lab 1
Lab1 submission extension
AP4 on POD20
When lab2 will be posted?
POD Reservation
Dot1Radio1 interface not working
POD 20 Dot11Radio1 interface ok now
Some clarifications on lab2
Dot11 a error!!
Lecture on May 28th
POD 20 does not work
LAB 2 Radius authentication options
Wifi machine 3 in pod 20 not working
Remote Desktop connection
Please post the LAB 3
LAB 3 - External Radius.
Windows 2003 Server SP1 is out of date
Lab 3 Radius Server SSID Assosiation
Final Project presentation
Pod21 switch not responding
Reg:lab 3 submission
POD 21 APS are not working
AP4 on pod 20 is not accessing
POD22 is not working
Lab Marks?
Lab 1 clarifications
POD19 APs' enable password set
Can't copy VM to Z: drive
Username/password for wifi workstaions login
User Accounts and passwords on wireless devices
P20W3 wifi Node _2 not allowing us to activate the profil...
RDC connection to server
Creating IxChariot reports
Lab 2 ready
IxChariot on client
Wireshark and Ethereal? Which one to use?
Starting Lab #2
User name and Password on Controllers
Hot standby problem
Pod 20 can not connect to both AP3 and AP4
Lab1-Part4-changing transmission rate and packet size
Lab 2 information
Is POD 23 ap9 missing the radio interfaces?
Forum participation
LAB1 Report writing question
Final Project is posted
POD 23 is available
Unknown Password on POD24!!!!!!!
Password problems
POD22-PASSWORD and UserName
POD 23 Password
Info on WLAN Controller configs, examples, etc
Using show ap join stats command to troubleshoot an LAP n...
A possible solution to the WLC 2106 unknown username/pass...
Type "Recover-Config" at the bootup of controller
PODs 23 and 24 will be reset today at 2:55 PM
Project Information
Problem On Pod 23 WiFi 2 or WiFi 1 Can Not Login
Problem on Con3 pod 24
Problem on POD 23
Wireless LAN Controller - DHCP Issue
Lab 2 Report
DHCP server set up for LAB 3
Pod 21 Controller
Promote Windows 2003 to DC
Mesh AP Problen at POD 23
POD 22 controller
WLC and different scopes
LAB Exam
POD23 (&24?) problems RDC to wifi clients
POD 23: AP's Registration Problem
Lab3 Cisco Secure ACS docs
Con3 POD24
Con3 pswd
Wifi clients on POD 23 are not working
ACS configuration - Cisco Airespace RADIUS Attributes
Manual Login Window doesn't show up
Iprouting in pod 24
Project Report...
Lab 3 Report and Demo
To Jason Manuel
POD 22 Problem
Pod 23 controller not accessible
Cci and aci
Syslog error on pod21 AP5 IOS fried need support
Please Turn off the Radio when Finished
Question about the Qcheck
Pod24 Station "wifi_1" is down: Sunday, Mar. 23
'status limited or no connectivity'
Lab1 part 4 is based on 2.4ghz ?
Lab 1 part 6.
Cisco Web Seminar: Designing Wireless Lan Solutions
Lab 1 step 6
POD 21 frequency
Wireshark or ethreal not supporting wireless card
Unable to connect to wifi_1 of POD19
Please, Delete a Reservation when not Needed
Deadline for Lab1 and Lab2
Lab 2- Warning msg
Question about hot standby
Lab2 part-3
No endpoint software on laptop of pod21
How to set up Cisco Secure ACS?
Lab 2 part 1
Lab 2 part 2
POD 23 wifi_1 login problem
Quiz 2
CA service is not running
Pod 22 wifi 2 cannot be connected
AP1 on POD19
Pod 24 wifi 2 and 1 cannot be connected
Part 2 of Lab 2
Please Disable Authentication
Wifi Admin Privilege for Machine Certificate
Virtual Machine with CA and Active Directory
New thing discovered in ACS
Pod 24 wifi_1
Pod 22 wifi_1 giving trouble
Final Exam
Labs marks
CN8817 - Meeting with Dr. Jaseemuddin & Dr. Ma
New Lab format
Lab 1
Password in AP1 and AP2
AP Infrastructure Setup
Please connect laptops back to tsunami
Channel Frequency
Question in Lab1
Question about the last part
AP IOS version
2 "tricks" in hot standby
Lab report submission
VM on Pod 1
Win 2000 Server Added
Certificates in Server 2003
Lab 2
New course outline
Any updated notes and new lab posted?
Lab 1
Lab 1 Posted
Adjusting packet size in Qcheck
Due date for LAB 1
Lab1 ... transmission power
POD1 topology changed
Useful web pages relating to cell networks
Mobile IP Lab Topology
New notes posted
Are the marks out yet ?
Final Grades are Available
Lab Topology
Lab 1 Address Assignment
Lab 1 Packet Sizes
Quiz 1 Marks
Virtual Server Access
Welcome to new CN8817
Project Proposal due date: Thursday, March 9th
Lab 1 - Due Date and information
Questions about the lab
Qcheck software available on CN-download site
Several Bnous marks for Lab debates on the Discussion Forum
Any Questions??? Post them here.............
Please start a new thread for new questions,
Please use the forum for discussions about your labs
Use browser to access APs
Lab 2 due date: Tuesday March 28
Lab2 Question about the servers
Where is DSR?
Good work
Why no traffic ?
Instructions for Lab reports
No FTP/HTTP traffic in OLSR & AODV
Unable to solve errors
Alternatively use wireless connection between AP and Server
Anyone else getting AODV traffic going to the Servers?
No Traffic on TORA
Lab 2 extended due date is strictly Thursday March 30th
Related papers on Lab2
Lab 3 - Configuring the Wireless Client
Project preview
Presentation References
Project Topic
Sample exam questions based on Labs
Winter term marks
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Expand/Collapse TopicCareer Advancement
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