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Joining a group
Lab 1 report Submission
Midterm Sample Exam
FAN_FAILED: Fan 2 not rotating
Final Exam Outline
Lab4:Configure 416 and 613 two PSTN phones
Pod for multimedia labs
PODs availability for labs
POD5 is available for Lab 1
Multimedia Lab Demo 1 Schedule
Midterm Password
Final Exam date
POD15 server
Final Examination Date
Midterm marks
CUCM Configuration Video
Final Exam Studies
Exam Start Time
Schedule outage for agena and cn servers?
Regarding the announcement of Lab 1
MidTerm Test - cRTP BW calculation
Can't find link to submit Midterm in BB
Can't log into remote desktop connection to
Laptop charger
Final Exam Information
Lab 4 submission from Turnitin
TA Schedule
Lab Report Submission
CUCM demo voice issue
Can't telnet to P5r5!
TA hours
PODs for the course
TA Emails
CN8819 Midterm Marks
Difference b/w incoming called-number and destination-pat...
Pod 13 R1 .. I can not run undegug all
LAb 4 : CUCM :-VMware Workstation cannot connect
Pod16 cannot access
Missing Lab 3 Reports
Lab # 4 Missing
Lab 2 report missing
Pod16 p1s1 interface fa1/0/23 down
Available PODs for this course
Lab 1 help
CN8819 Midterm Exam
Remote Desktop pod13
VMware Workstation cannot connect
CN8819 midterm exam results
CN8819 Final Exam
LAB4, CUCM Access
CN8819 Final Exam Results
Student list of missing lab 4 report
CN8819 final grades
Pod14 authentication failed
Fiber channel SAN lab
LAB 1 Due date
Midterm Exam Information
Lab 2 Due Date
Lecture9 date
CN8819 Schedule Update
CN8819 Midterm Marks
Additional TA consulting sessions
Lab 3 and 4 Topology
CN8819 Final Exam
Lab 4: Voip using CUCM
Lab 3 CME Part 3.
Lab 3 and Lab 4 due date.
POD 1,3,5 are available now
Lab 3 due date is extended to July 4
POD1 Router 1 does not find a valid system image
VoIP POD bookings & use
POD 1 phones to PSTN are missing
PODs 1 & 3 problem on PSTN Simulator config - number conf...
File size problem
CN8819 Final Exam Marks
Lab Marks
CN8819 Grades
Software Instruction
Labs for 8819
Something related to the labs
Mid term seating arrangement
Lab Submission
Lab3 instruction clarification
Lab submission deadline
Help! Arseny
POD signing up failure
Exam Location
PODs 13/14/15/16 trade to PODs 4+5
Cannot remote connect to pod15 VM
Which router has CME running?
About the lab exam?..
Clarification about routers
CN8819 Lab Exam
Question in lab 4.
Marks for CN8819 Final Exam
Lab-5: ephone-mac address
CN8819 Grades
professor for CN8819 ???????
Tomorrow's TA hour
Arseny...Cannot we have this software
Lab 1 has been returned
Lab 2 has been returned
Phone 9 is not working
Lab 3 has been returned
The pods for Lab 5
How to stop debug messages ?
Labs 4 and 5 have been returned
Final grades
Office Hour
Emergency Shutdown
Not able to login to p2r5
Please Reserve Pods 1, 2 and 3
P2R7 Port 0/1/1
Call Manager Express Topology
VM server is dead
Why 2 CIPC flipping?
VM Server is not letting me logon
The deadline is postponed
Dial-Peer Lab Topology is Ready
RSVP and DiffServ Lab
VOIP problem
Lab 3 - Diff Serv Edge router config
Midterm - Thursday June 3
Gatekeeper Topology
Call routing and gatekeeper docs from Cisco
CallManager Lab
Final Grades
Phone Down in POD2
RSVP and DiffServ Lab
Gatekeeper Call Routing Lab 4
Final Grades
POD3 Router P3R1
A note for Lab 3
Clock rate setting for lab 3
Tough Lab
Someone is interested in case study of project 7?
Lab 4 (Gatekeeper Call Routing) Topology
Lab 5
Group Declaration for Lab demo and Lab Submission
POD5 is suitable for Lab1 now
Lab Report1 Submission
Lab4 (CME) question
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Expand/Collapse TopicScheduled Service Outages
Expand/Collapse TopicEquipment Events and Problems
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Expand/Collapse TopicCareer Advancement
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