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Shutdown of POD 10 + 12 for move
Requirement of PODs 10 + 12 for CN8826 midterm
Use of POD 12 for labs
RDP connection problem with POD10 UCS C210
Nexus 5 login
Do not print CN8826 Lab Notes and Lecture Slides
Password for MDS switch
DO NOT change passwords on SAN equipment
Access to POD 10 & 12 Nexus/MDS switches, devices
POD12 Reservations blocked until user access is fixed
Scheduling access to POD10, work in groups
Temp access to POD10
Maintenance on POD10
POD12 now available to book and use for labs
POD10 and 12 needs service for the Nexus 7K
POD12 UCS server connection issues due to high CPU temp
PODs 10 & 12 powered down until later in CN8824
8826 Schedule
Online Class Link
Course Evaluation for CN8826
Mid Term Date and Time
POD10 M1-
POD10M1 down
Lecture 4- online availability
Lecture 5 - Video format
File System and RAID slides
Final Exam Time
Start date 2013
Storage Networks EPH-441
Lab Report Due Dates
Mar 09th, 2013 lecture
LAb 1 Why the telnet doesn't appear
Labs assignment
Lab 3 - ISL, Aliases, Zoning, Security
Lab4 (FCIP) - Failed to configure IP address
For Lab3,Task5-que4
Lab 5
Need an PEC account
Can't access lab 5
Nexus7k user name and password ?
Is there any way to download or have a copy of WebEx reco...
LAB4 - the status of port-channel on fcip interfaces is i...
Device is not ready (LAB 4-SAN Extension Features: FCIP a...
Final Exam
CN8826 Class Location
Can u change the final exam date?
Brocade FC 101 and FCoE 101 web based trainging
RDP/VPN Access
First Lab Question
Connection to WIN server
What is midterm date
Reminder: Class starts 9:30am
Unable to access p22m2
Lab 1
Unable to RDP to server
Unable to telnet to p22m2
About the lab demo
I cannot rdp to of pod 21
Unable to VPN and RDP into 141.117.40.x from Lab's comput...
Lecture 2 video
Freed up Lab from 8pm to 9pm today
Quiz 3 Question
Unable to log into terminal servers/VPN client
Pod 22 has a few issues
About full zoneset
Can i review midterm exam?
POD 22 password
Class on Saturday
FCIP Profiles
Final Exam
Admin info for p21 cat switch
lecture5 video ?
Error on P23M1
Lecture 6 Video
Disconnected from terminal server due to inactivity
Pod Release
Remote connection issuses
Navisphere EMC Lab
Final Exam Start Time?
FCIP link cost
IVR Scenario 3 from notes
Over Subscription Ports
8826 Final Marks
8826 Final Demo Requirements
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Expand/Collapse TopicCareer Advancement
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