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old_2015-2016 outage and now up
CCS reports problems with Firewall Cluster thus no networ...
CN Discussion Board now forwarding emails outage and now up replaced
Acer Desktop PCs in EPH402 Lab
Building network for Dell Optiplex 7010 Desktop PCs in th...
Database connection error with CN website
Installation of cooling system in datacenter EPH-406C Mar...
Gianfar ( server crash 20160413-1400...
Keep Lab computers plugged in.
Agena offline to resolve performance and anti-virus issues
Heat issues in the datacenter, turned off PODs not use
Power blackouts in Toronto, outages in CN
POD10 UCS C210 failed
Outage - Sunday 2014-09-21
POD 19 switch 6 out of service, troubleshooting
CCS blocked http requests due to Security Compromise
Agena troubleshooting, to be rebooted
Lab EPH402 printer toner has been replaced
PODs 1, 3, 5, 13 through 18 are now up
PODs 2, 4, 6, 8 are down.
Agena is down. working to restore
Domain/DNS server crash resolved
MSO Uninstalled from agena, but MSO Viewers available
Domain/DNS server crashed 2015.01.09
Domain/DNS server crashed 2015.01.18
Changed config for better response to IP Blacklisting
Discussion Board email forwarding is down
Lab EPH402A Lounge printer toner has been replaced
Test email fwd
Synchronized OS time and POD Booking time on
Lab EPH402 printer toner has been replaced
Heat issues in the datacenter. turn off PODs not used for...
Caution of copper water pipe in datacenter
CN8812 PODs 20 and 22 work, PODs 19, 21, 23, 24 under repair
DNS Issues on campus
Lounge Laser Printer not working
Lab laptop Dell I5555 DL18 out for repair / replacement
Gianfar Server refused to allocate pty
POD reservations not being used
Laptop WiFi connection issue in EPH402
POD web pages update; connection Applet & decommission st...
Please do not set enable passwords on POD devices.
EPH402 Lab printer repaired and now works
P15r8 Juniper J2320 router removed
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