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WelcomeAmit Kathpalia15 08-31-09  10:11 pm
Lab 1 - Basic SetupArseny Taranenko09-08-09  02:09 pm
DCE and DTEArseny Taranenko09-08-08  01:48 pm
Lab Introduction SlidesArseny Taranenko09-08-08  09:38 pm
Lab practice hitsNing Xu10-05-08  12:12 pm
TA HoursAmar Khan09-15-08  12:23 pm
We do not have access permissionAlam Baloch09-09-08  12:52 pm
INTERFACES NOT UPWenying Wan09-09-08  11:54 am
Failed to connect the port 22 of the hostArseny Taranenko09-09-08  02:23 pm
POD 1 is UnavailableArseny Taranenko10-05-08  09:36 am
Is there anything wrong with reservations?Hina Shaikh09-20-08  11:01 am
Debug messageMaryam Ghabrai Langr09-10-08  08:01 pm
Which chapter is supposed to read for lecture 3Xiangdong Liu09-11-08  12:30 pm
POD 2Arseny Taranenko09-15-08  10:19 am
How to clean the router?Xiaoli Li09-13-08  12:56 pm
AssignmentXiaoli Li09-20-08  05:42 pm
Linux ServerMohammad Mehdi Masko11 09-21-08  10:15 pm
Stop and Wait Protocol LabJason Manuel09-20-08  02:36 pm
EXAM DateAnas Tufail09-19-08  03:53 pm
Please do not give passwords on the Rtrs/Sws!!!Arseny Taranenko09-23-08  08:45 am
POD 4Arseny Taranenko09-24-08  11:26 am
Problem with VLAN labAhmed Nawaz10 09-28-08  03:52 am
Midterm Lab DemoArseny Taranenko09-28-08  01:03 pm
Cannot telnet to p16s1 Arseny Taranenko09-29-08  10:12 am
Line protocol goes down in few secondsArseny Taranenko09-27-08  07:49 pm
Frame rellay lab problemMohammad Mehdi Masko13 09-29-08  08:44 am
POD 6 ---- p6r7 can not be usedHaibei Wu09-28-08  08:54 pm
Basic Lan confRoger Ehrlich09-28-08  11:37 pm
SOS. can not connect to pod2 Muhammad Qasim09-28-08  05:52 pm
Problem of Pod About Switch And MACHaibei Wu09-28-08  08:54 pm
P6r1 cannot connetArseny Taranenko09-29-08  08:42 am
Do we have lab tomorrow ?Yen-Han Chen09-28-08  11:06 pm
Someone Set Password for P16S1Haibei Wu09-28-08  11:44 pm
Ping Local IP ADDRESS is Not Successful, WHY?Maria Gracias09-29-08  03:50 pm
POD4 serial portsMohammad Mehdi Masko09-29-08  08:32 am
POD 14 - unavailableArseny Taranenko09-29-08  08:42 am
P6R1Xiangdong Liu09-29-08  09:02 am
P16S1 unavailableAfshin Behzadan09-29-08  09:13 am
Port security can not be setupXiangdong Liu09-29-08  11:11 am
Regarding point-to-point interfaceYen-Han Chen10 09-29-08  02:51 pm
P8r1 p8r2 is password protectedYen-Han Chen09-29-08  02:24 pm
Practice at 12:00Arseny Taranenko09-30-08  09:35 am
For midterm lab pod checkingNing Xu09-30-08  09:34 am
Problem in pod topologyArseny Taranenko10-02-08  08:47 am
Question about IP RoutingNing Xu10-02-08  09:28 pm
POD1 LockArseny Taranenko10-03-08  10:55 am
Do we need to shutdown unused interfaces?Ning Xu10-05-08  12:13 pm
Cannot telnet to P14R7Arseny Taranenko10-04-08  05:37 pm
POD 3 Ning Xu10-04-08  05:32 pm
Cannot telnet to P13R7 Arseny Taranenko10-04-08  09:03 pm
Static route ?Yen-Han Chen10-05-08  05:15 pm
IP Routing LabMuhammad Qasim10-06-08  01:57 pm
IP Routing Lab part 4Ali Ahmad Siddiqui10-08-08  10:32 pm
Correct link for Exam TopicsMuhammad Qasim10-10-08  10:40 pm
ISDN LabXiaoli Li10-11-08  08:58 pm
POD 3 Router 1Mohammad Mehdi Masko10-11-08  09:56 pm
Part 4 of IP Routing LabHaibei Wu10-13-08  04:42 pm
Pod 5 Router 7 is unaccessibleArseny Taranenko10-14-08  08:44 am
What time is the theory examXiaoli Li10-14-08  12:56 pm
ISDN LAB SCHEDULINGArseny Taranenko10-19-08  05:51 pm
POD15Firas Abu Saleh10-15-08  09:08 am
Cannot telnet to p14r6Arseny Taranenko10-15-08  03:58 pm
CN 8810. Pod 18 r1Arseny Taranenko10-16-08  08:40 am
Lab ExamsArseny Taranenko10-21-08  11:14 am
IP Routing LabXiaoli Li10-18-08  11:08 am
RIPSandev Singh Chopra10-18-08  10:30 am
Frame-relaySandev Singh Chopra10-18-08  10:48 am
FDDIHina Shaikh10-19-08  01:07 pm
Access Lists labHina Shaikh10-19-08  01:11 pm
Manchester EncodingXiangdong Liu10-19-08  06:10 pm
Optional Lab IPv6?Kasing Wong11 10-24-08  11:47 am
AssignmentNajim Khan10-29-08  05:47 pm
IPv6 Routing Not EnabledHaibei Wu10-22-08  11:39 pm
GradesArseny Taranenko11-26-08  02:24 pm
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